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Okay guys I had my first appointment today...I got a shot of vitiman B-12, and 30 mg phentermine pills. I had lots of energy at first, no appetite what so ever, a small headache, very dry mouth, and the doc said that I have a thyroid problem. I have not eat yet...I know I have to eat something but I have to go shopping first everything I have is unacceptable. I am still not hungry but I am all of the sudden VERY sleepy. I took my first pill at 12:00. It is now 8:30. My BMI is 51%, I am 5'61/2 and 212lbs. I am on the way to a new life style, skinny body, and higher self esteem... wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!  :o)
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I went to : http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/  i am 5'7" and started at 280 and it said i was 43.8. I typed yours in and i said 35%.  I hope the web site is the right one but i doubt it.
I remember at one time a long long time ago i was under 6% :(for a contest): and now i am more fat than mussel. marriage/ age/ stress/ injury/ excuses  was my recipe for weight gain if anyone was looking for it. In an alternate universe i might be publishing my second book on "i did it and so can you!"

good luck! I wish you the best!!!!!!!  
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I was very discouraged about my BMI but I think it just gives me more movivation. The doc was checking my ears, eyes, mouth & throat and then he felt my neck and was like "wow you have a big neck" I just busted out laughing because I have always thought I had a nice neck. I dont even have a doube chin. It was just really funny. Thank you for the luck, I wish you the same. You are doing it w/o pills and stuff right. Working a little harder and farther every day. Keep me posted I love to hear about things!
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