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Updates on hcg weight loss

I am wondering how everyone else is doing with the hcg shots.  I do five shots a week.  Here is my history:

Week 1: lost 7 lbs
week 2: lost 5 lbs
week 3: lost 2.8 lbs
week 4: lost 1.4 lbs
week 5: lost 1.8 officially at weigh in and then went pee and dropped another 1.4. total 3.2

for a total of 19.4 in 5 weeks.

I was really excited when I lost 12 lbs in the first 2 weeks.  The weight loss has really slowed but still going. By the way, I am 5'8".  I have gone from a tight 14 to a loose 11 and I feel great.  I am looking to get to 160, started out at 200.4.  I want to be a size 7 or loose 9. I have three more weeks of the shot before I have to to take a break.  

Share your result with me and help keep me motivated.  i think it also helps to put our goals in writing to solidify(sp?) them.

Thank you and good luck to everyone.  Let us reclaim the life we have given up by denying that we have a weight problem.
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WOW! 5 shots a week! I only get one! Where are getting them? AND yes, what type of diet are you on???? share share share:)
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That's awesome Sandra!  This is only my second week on the shots. I go to the dr. Tuesday and I will post my results.  I love hearing about everyone's success.  It's a real motivator!  Thanks for sharing.
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I'd like to know too since I can't even get one HCG shot.
No one seems to know anyone who gives HVG in Chicago! But Congrats on your great progress.

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I go to Transformations in Oviedo Fl ( outside of Orlando). The shots are .5cc each.  I am on an 800 calorie diet.  I was given phentermine but rarely take it because it makes it hard for me to sleep at night.  Lately I have had a few urges to cheat but for the most part the diet has not been hard to follow.

I usually eat 1 cup of special k w/ berries and a 1/2 cup milk with a banana for breakfast.

mid morning  fruit snack strawberries or the other half of the banana.  I tend to forget this meal often because I am to busy.

a small potato or 1/2 cup coucous with 1 cup of brocoli or cawliflower and a yoplait light yogurt for lunch.

At dinner I often eat a turkey sandwich with light bread turkey and lots of romaine lettuce and very little light mayo.  Sometime I can adapt what I cook for my family to the diet, like fish or chicken and veggies and 1/2 cup good carb.

At the end of the is my favorite meal and it is what I look forward to all day.  I eat a 1/2 of a cup fat free sugar free pudding, strawberries and a tablespoon or two of fat free whip cream.

Hope this helps.  Wish me luck, 179 this morning, 19 more pounds to go!  Maybe by summer?!
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I began with Dr. G in Huntersville on Tuesday.  I am having a terrible time with the phendimetrazine, the more moderate of the two pills. I called yesterday, and they told me that I did well to go down to 1/2 and to not take more yesterday (until the headache went away)   I took just 1/4 pill this morning, and it still made me feel like I was having uncomfortable nervousness, queasiness and beginnings of a headache (I had a two-day headache with one pill!!)  I was so hopeful, but I just don't think my body can tolerate the appetite suppressant (and I'm really really hungry!!)  Anybody else have these side effects?  Does anybody know of an non-stimulant otc med that abates the hunger?
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I take 3 shots a week for a month and then take a month off.  I do this every other week.  I take the phen every day usually about 1/2 hour before lunch.  I've lost 92 lbs since June 2005.  I have followed the 1200 cal. diabetic diet and I feel great.  I walk 3-5 times per week and I have energy.
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I just started taking b12/b6 shots yesterday. I'm supposed to take 2 a week, with phentermine, water pill, and perscribed multivitamin (all once a day.) My dr told me to take phentermine at least 12 hrs before bed so I can sleep at night. The phentermine personally gives me energy, actually probably too much. Also my face feels numb and once in a while I'll get a tingle up my neck and back of my head. Weird...These side effects lasted about 1 1/2hr. Then I felt really relaxed, too relaxed to be at work. It's been 10 hr since I took it and I'm yawning, hopefully I'd be able sleep. :)

Can wait to start logging my results
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Well, I have lost a total of 11 pounds in 18 days.  I was hoping for more (some of you are losing so much more in a short amount of time) but I know I shouldn't complain.  Happy dieting!
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Congratulations on your weightloss!!  I go for my first appt on Monday.  Thank you for posting, as seeing everyone's results really helps motivate me as well!
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From reading all the comments and by trial and error I found  Phentermine and a Maxzide(water pill) do not work alone the HCG curves your appetite. I think something in the combo makes your body need potassium the potassium too. I took the HCG orally and was wondering if anyone knew what the differences where or if there are any know side affects? I did this diet a year ago and went from a size 14 to a 4 and have slowly gained it back :(
I would like to start up again but I have some concerns......
Please advise on all that you can!
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How long did it take you to get to a 4?  I started on Mar 17th with hcg (5 shots per wk)  and phentermine(when I remember).  I have gone from a snug 14 to a loose 11.  I want to get to a size 7, I am 5'8".  I started out at 200.4 and this morning I weighed 177.  I think at about 160 I will be a size 7.  I have been on the shots for six weeks and have two more weeks before I have to go off the shots for 3 weeks.  I am going to try to get as close to 170 as I can in these last 2 weeks. I can do another round of the shots after the 3 weeks, but I am not sure If I will be able to afford it.
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