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Validiity of the Body Mass Index BMI

How valid is the BMI?  I have heard that it is being questioned because it does not take into account a person's build.  For example, someone could be very muscular, low body fat, be in great shape and have a high BMI.
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My own personal opinion (I'm not in "the know")is: no, I wouldn't really  consider it to be "the" measure of healthy weight.
Height alone isn't an adequate way of measuring-in my opinion anyway.

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I agree. I do not think that BMI should necessarily be the end word. I am 5'7+" and weigh 134. I look emaciated. I have small wrists, but huge hands, shoulders that never should have been bestowed upon a woman, a huge ribcage, and very large ankles. My BMI does not put me as underweight, however, I look skeletal. Not that I want to lose weight, but it is very deceiving to look at the BMI and still feel the pressure to go toward the lower end of normal; even when people say that I look terrible. I have large muscles too. I will never be petite, and the BMI should probably have 3 separate levels for each gender. Small framed, medium framed, and large framed. My opinion only, but logical, I think!
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Hey everyone. you know what..the bariatric doctor that I see does use the BMI but he further uses this machine that tells him how much fat I have in my body versus how much muscle I have. He uses that to evaluate your weight loss. he does not refer to the BMI at all. he tells me that the most important thing is to decrese the fat content and to maintain muscle,
as you said the BMI is so generic
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I agree that the BMI is only a guide and that body fat is a much better indicator. There is a list of olympic GOLD medal winners from Athens 2004 who are all considered overweight or even obese based on the BMI.
See <a href="http://www.dietandfitnesstoday.com/bmiathletes.php">www.dietandfitnesstoday.com/bmiathletes.php</a> A lot of the questions in the forum are also addressed in the BMI FAQ.
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overweight people might live longer, they may still be predisposed to various disorders such as hypertension and diabetes.
Check out this introduction article on Body_mass_index:
1.BMI formula
5.Guidelines for health
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