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Hello Jen...most here will mislead you..and straight out lie..and 'CLAIM' its a GOD send..but read my posts that say fightu35..HCG is taken from the placenta of a pregnant women...though URINE...its used for young boys who have undecending testicles..used widely in the steroid world..and is 100% nonsense..this criminal KEVIN TRUDEAU made millions off his book..buy being paid off to promote every product in the book..and has been arrested many times..banned from selling any products which are not his on TV..banned by the FDA..& ftc...the story goes like this...you eat as much food as you can..this is to over stuff your fat stores..and glycogen levels..so when he incists you only eat 500 calories (infants require 1,200) & inject urine in you...you will not feel hungry..and folks here (most are fake promoteing) will tell you the pitch it draws 'fat' & energy from your fat cells..ABOUT 2,000 calories..trying to make it seem like oh..i eat 500 calories...and the urine feeds me 2,000 by drawing it out of my fat cells (it takes 3,500 calories to make 1 fat cell) *I wonder how many here knew that..but any who..I have 1  ? if this is true...why do most women get fat after giving birth..and can never lose it..and get loose skin..and stretch marks..?? and do not say this is the skin stretching..it is per say...but has alot to to with fat cells..there are to forms of fat..right under skin..and to protect organs...the kind right under skin wreck your skin..so..you chose..listen to the truth..or these so called folks who its a gift...good luck to you..any  ?'s just ask..
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" you eat a low kcal diet in partnership with the 2000 (approx) calories of nutrients that were stored in the over sized fat cells which gives your body what it needs versus dieting alone. "

so this would be over 2,500 cals..and  you know i ment 3,500 = 1 lb of fat..and duh mills of cells..which you get from mommy in her 3rd trimester...and they can develop more though puberty....oh and..im still waiting for proof...lets think about it..if this worked..every pill company would get it and push it and make $1,0000000000000000 duhhhhhhhhh its nonsense..
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wrong again. google anything on this topic and you get all sorts of positive and negative. even you moronic posts will come up. google "the #1 thing in weight loss" and see what happens.
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oh and everyone here is hung on google...google is another 'PRE' LOADED' tool which they get paid $$ for you to find..what they choose...which is the same nonsense about HCG and only info from morons selling it..damm ! im so smart at times..its scary..tisk tisk..how about just doing it right people..eat less..excercise more..end of story..
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Business is business. Even the "Pet Rock" made millions. Everything has a price. However if you judge a product based soley on its earning potential, then you are missing out on the basis for which it was intended.

I used google as an example. If you prefer, you can use 'Google Scholar'. Or any search engine of your choice.
What you choose to acknowledge, is solely a personal choice, but none the less, the information is at your fingertips - good, bad, or indifferent.  

Perhaps you may want to try Medical Journals; always chock full of case studies and the latest news.
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i used google..as well as ask.com..as well as any search..all are filled with 'sellers' of HCG related stuff..

'Perhaps you may want to try Medical Journals;"

im a member of many...and you will not find anything good about HCG :)
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nope again. everyone else try typing it in using the quotes to go right to it. it will work for you.

i just read that medical care is the highest cause of death now. it wasn't written in a "journal", and i am highly skeptical of it, but i hope you get my point!

btw, my mom died from chemo.
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Onibrate, I am sincerely sorry for your loss. My heart is with you.

Fightu, I highly doubt in any fashion (unless you can prove me wrong), that you are a member of any Medical Association in any faculty, with the grammar and poorly factual based sediment that you keep scraping onto this forum.  
I *am* a member, and I have serious claims against your lies that you are, as well as, your inability to find anything positive about HCG.  

First of all, HCG is FDA approved, just not for weight loss.  HCG has been medically administered for decades with great success. HCG is natural and beneficial in numerous capacities, and the studies have only begun as to the multitude of unexplored areas that it can strive.

So please, stop with the nonsense.  You have no idea what you are talking about, google apparently is not your friend, and I do believe, that by now, everyone on this forum is well aware of your ludicrousness and malcontent.
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im still waiting for proof ...........
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WELCOME TO THE FORUM.  I'm really enjoying your posts!  You are probably wasting your time on the 'Obnoxious one', however. He has a hidden agenda - to disrupt the excitement about the HCG diet. Either he is a paid blogger for that purpose, or just a bitter, pathetic excuse for a human being with no life.
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I honestly thought him to be a 16 year old boy who thinks he knows better than the 'grown ups' (as the typical teen seems to); because he overheard a conversation when daddy took him to the gym one day.


He is a very overweight individual who failed at all diets, therefore has concluded none of them work.

But I digress... Thank you for the warm welcome.  I am sure even fightu will have to concede at some point after all the people here posting have announced their goal has been met. It is only a matter of time.
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ah I love you 2  BAT GIRL  

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