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Weight Loss Doctor in New Jersey

Can anyone recommend a good weight loss doctor in New Jersey?
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Hi . where are you in NJ?  I'm in Eastern Pa and my physician has a weightloss clinic somewhere in NJ.  check out his website and see if it will be of any use. at the very wose maybe a call can land you a recommendation.  I personally am loving the help from the physician because its helping me get to a place I could not get on my own without killing myself overallwith strenous diets and workouts.  a little, control and moderation is working fine.  in a wk I lost 13.8 pounds without "feeling it". j0ot faitgue, palpiations, dizziness or jitters.  awesome.
Renay in PA

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where is that doctor and what is  his name,
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Dr. Leah Solomon is a board certified weight loss doctor (certified by the Americian Board of Bariatric Physicians).  The office is located in Morristown, NJ.  Her office number is 973-267-5577.  Hope that helps!  
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Once again, Id like to suggest a reputable clinic Body Solutions RX. This is also the location I went through to lose my unwanted pounds. They have an office there in NJ, a local doctor, but they enroll people through their main office/clinic in Colorado Springs , CO. The website is  bodysolutionsrx.com . Contact information, email, online form , phone numbers, are listed there also.
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The program above is based on the diet by Kevin Trudeau, who was instruct by the Federal Trade Commission to stop promoting this book.  Any claims for "cures" of obesity can not be made per the FTC.  Additionally, beta-HCG, as advocated by the book, is the same pregnancy hormone women check in their urine when they want to see if they're pregnant.  A meta-analysis (study of studies) of 24 published studies concluded that there was no evidence that beta-HCG works as an antiobesity agent. It didn't promote weight loss or fat redistribution, nor did it reduce hunger or create a feeling of well-being. Here is the reference: Br. J. Clin. Pharmacol. 1995 Sep: 40(3):237-43. HL.  I would trust this program.  PS doctors who prescribe bHCG are under scrutiny of the drug enforcement unit and are at risk for losing their license to prescribe.  That should say alot!  It's a fad.  
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Oops.  I meant, I would NOT trust this program.  K. Trudeau's book is called "the weight loss cure".  I recommend everyone research these things on their own because you are dealing with your bodies and your health.
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