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Weight Loss with Topamax

My Doctor has prescribed Topomx (the generic of this called Piramax)  Dosage is first 4 days 1 25mg, then 2 x 25mg for 4 days, then 3x 25mg for 4 days and then 4 x 25mg  to continue every day.
He also put me on Wellbutin, changing me off my regular depression medication of Cipralex.  Did not handle the change and now back on Cipralex and feeling very well.  I hav e not started the Topamax as I belive its for Epilepsy?

Please advise - I am very over weight and I am a female of 52 years.

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I was on Topomax for years for migraines.  It is an anti-epileptic drug that is used for a variety of things.  Certain Types of seizures, Migraines, bi-polar disorder, weight management, and i've heard they've useded it for alocoholics trying to quit drinking.  You have to ween yourself on and off of it VERY slowly.  Your dr's advise sounds too quick to me.  you should be on each 25 mg. step for at least a week before increasing it.  I lost about 20 lbs when i was on it, but have gained it back.  There are A LOT of side effects involved with this drug, so make sure you really do your research on it.  Weigh the pro's and con's of this drug.  if you are on it for  weight loss, this isnt a permanent solution.  good luck.
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