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Weight and health

I wanted to verify something. Long story short, I've been through a number of procedures in the last couple of months due to anxiety, from a general physical to blood tests to an EKG. Everything has returned normal. But I am curious about something.

My concern is my weight. I'm genetically very thin. Both my father and uncle were tall and thin at my age; in fact, my uncle still is, while my dad is actually a few lbs overweight. I am a 20-year-old male, 5'11" and roughly 120 lbs. I am gradually gaining weight by increasing my diet, but it is a slow and frustrating process.

My primary question is this: Provided I have a largely healthy, calorie-dense diet, am I at any health risks purely for being underweight? I've been underweight my entire life and nothing has gone wrong as a result of my weight, but I've never thought to ask. And, of course, I am an anxious person anyway, so I immediately jumped to my computer when the thought arose.

Also, if anybody has any advice for a diet or exercise program to help make this easier, I would greatly appreciate it. I eat quite a bit of generally healthy calorie-dense foods, such as seeds and nuts, peanut butter, protein bars, various Odwalla drinks, etc. I want to invite a cardio program into my life, but I find it difficult to do so because of how quickly I burn calories after having gone for a jog or whatever. Couple this with the fact that I don't have a gym membership, and right now my exercise consists primarily of push-ups and crunches in my own home. Which is nice, but not great.

Thank you for your help.
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Eat a lot of your cal at night within a hour of going to bed.  Warning you might regret in latter.
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