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Weight gain from quitting celexa

I have been on the anti-depressant Celexa for 5 years (Since I was 20).  I have gained almost 50lbs since starting.  I was 105lbs and now I weigh 150, which is a lot for me since I have a very small figure.  I have been told that SSRI's kill your metabolism, which would probably explain the weight gain.  I have made several attempts to stop taking celexa assuming I would lose some of the weight.  Everytime I stop taking it I end up feeling more bloated and actually gain about 5 lbs.  Yikes! The longest I went without it was 3 months and I had no weight change. Other than the weight gain I feel good when I stop taking them so I know its ok for me to do so.  Also I would like to start a family soon and it's not good to have this stuff in your system when you're pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does anyone know how I can lose some weight and get my metabolism back to normal after I stop taking this medication?
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Hello, I was on celexia for alont time and gain weight too I have now lost 25 pounds of it off so far still have 25 lefted to go. So I know where you are coming from. My question is do you excerize if so how much and what? My boyfriend is a bodybuilder so he has givin me alot of tips to help to loss the weight and also feel better about myself. I know when you first get off them you feel really down so I what I did was I started exercizing and that rease your happy drug in your brain which makes you feel better. Also I started watching what I at and I dont eat many sweet anymore. If you want to get sweet eat them when your done exercizing and you'll burn it off. So just answer the question I asked you and I'll see if I have any more tips for you.
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