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Weight loss with Hcg injections and Adipex 37.5mg

I am 35, 5'2" and weigh 181. Yeah, Baby got a whole lot of back!! I started today on 50u of Hcg injections twice a week and 37.5mg of Adipex once daily.
My calorie intake can only be 1000 for the day.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
Can anyone give me advice on how to get motivated to exercise? I'm so lazzzzzzzzzy since I quit work to stay home with my children. HELP!!!!
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I would love to hear from you. I looked back over the Threads and noticed you were on the hcg injections. I need to get some advice from someone!! I'm nervous about all this.

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How is the Adipex 37.5mg working for you? There are other appetite suppressants.  Also you can take the Lipo-Lite shot, which can be injected twice weekly. It helps the liver remove fat. The B12 injection and the appetite suppressant should give you energy.  Walking will help you lose faster.  For me this is my first week and it is difficult for me to eat 1000 calories and I am sticking with my work out program because now I have energy. Don't give up. Let your children be your workout buddies. If they are toddlers etc. put them in the stroker/s and push them at the mall or take them for walks outside if its nice outside.  Just don't give up.

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Hey! It is nice to hear from you and I hope you are doing well with the program. I really love it and think its about the best thing available for people like myself who have tried and tried but  just not been able to lose the weight on their own.

I started at 280 and have lost about 38 lbs since June. I know that's not as dramatic a number as some people on here, but I'm proud of it all the same! I feel like I'm doing it the healthy way and in a way that I can keep it off for life. I  hit a plateau in September and didn't lose anything for 4-5 weeks. I only busted it by switching my appetite suppressant for a few weeks. So watch out for that in your third or fourth month - it is likely to happen! It is your body's way of adjusting to the changes.

I like the fact that I have control over my eating now instead of it having control over me. Always before, after having little to no results on a diet, I would get discouraged and go back to bad habits. But with this, since my appetite is under control, I have the power to make healthy choices and be happy about them, and there's enough time for the results to show, which gives me more encouragement so the cycle keeps going.

There is really nothing to be nervous about as far as side effects or anything harmful to your body, if that is what you meant. If you just meant its because you're new at it, don't worry, you will see what I mean. My advice is always to keep your eye on the "big picture" and not obsess over every little calorie and gram. That will drive you crazy and get discouraging quick in my opinion. I just make as healthy choices as I can and stick to around 1000 - 1100. I have a lot of salads and grilled chicken (of course) veggies, whole grains,
yogurt, fruit, and other lean meats. I also have weight watchers frozen entrees for lunch on the days I work. I drink a lot of water, usually 72-96 oz. (3-4 24oz. bottles)

OK as for exercise - its hard to know what to tell you. Its easier to be motivated once you're already doing it! Because you know how good it makes you feel and how you see results when you stick with it. But when you're getting started its a lot easier said than done, believe me I know! With the eating and the exercise, I started with small changes I felt comfortable with and that I thought I could stick to, and gradually built from there until I had a healthy lifestyle that I wanted to stick to! I worked out a couple days a week to an aerobics video with hand weights, and I would also do situps and other floor exercises and pump the weights. I walked on my treadmill, too. I worked up to where I was doing the treadmill about 45-50 min four or five days a week and weight workouts anouther 30 min or more afterward. But lately since I have gone back to work I'm not doing near that much; I hope I can get back to it. You just have to tell yourself it is something good for yourself and you are worth it! You will be so happy with the results! Just pick something you think you might like and try it. Schedule a time you can do it that works with your day, either something you can do with the kids or do it while they are asleep or someone else can watch them. If you plan to do it the same time each day it might help.  

Well sorry so long but I hope I said something that might help! Several of us on here check in with each other every few days and it helps to know we have that support from others who are going through the same thing. So don't be a stranger. Let us know how you are doing! If you need help, advice, encouragement
or whatever we are here, this is not an easy road but YOU CAN DO IT!! And when you have successes we want to hear that too, it gives everyone encouragement. GOOD LUCK!!
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Hi I really would like some advise:
I am wondering if anyone knows where to get adipex without a prescription.  I do not have a primary physician as I just moved to the US.

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Thanks for the encouragement I have lost lost down to 170 pounds!!! yeah!!!! That's a start. I still haven't started on the Adipex yet, but, I called my Doctor today and he said to go ahead and take it with the Lexapro. So I will get that filled and begin. I can't wait to fit into my clothes from two summers ago!!
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Be encouraged. Started with phentermine and injections weighing 236 lbs 5ft 2in. Weigh 190. lost from 1-2 lbs each week. It works! Lost lots of inches. Especially on my thunder thighs. I am bottom heavy. Got some back too. Most importantly, I feel better, have more energy and was able to stop taking my cholesterol medication. Will pray for your continuerd success. Be Blessed!
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