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Why do people look for quick fixes to weight loss?

How come so many people on here don't just do low-carb and get more exercise? I'm reading all these posts for HCG injections and pills and diet  teas and all these other quackish  supposed quick-loss schemes.  It's really laughable, because once you lose the weight, you have to monitor your eating and exercise anyway, so why not just do that from the beginning and forget about quick fixes?  

Just do low carb, eat a little less than usual, and work out more. It's not rocket science, people.  

Maybe a lot of it is that people think they honestly can go back to their old ways of eating once they lose the weight. But that's a fantasy.
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This board is not for you. Go back to where you came from please. We are here to support each other not tear each other down. If you dont like the way we are doing things, dont come here or if you do keep your mouth shut. Not all of us agree on how each of us is doing this but we are supporters and listeners through learning. If you cant be either of these things, you need to take your judgmental self to another site.

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Gee, I guess you told me.

This isn't a "closed club."  Hate to break the news to you, but anybody can post here.

Here's a theory:  Maybe people really don't want to do the work of losing weight. Because it is work, I'm sure. Patience is something people just don't have much of these days, especially for things like dropping 20 pounds or whatever.

Your defensiveness indicates I possibly hit a nerve with you. Maybe the reality is a little too much to bear for you folks. Do you all really believe you can go back to eating Twinkies and Ho-Ho's after receiving a series of "injections" to "melt" your body fat?  

If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you'll lose weight. As I said, it's not rocket science. I'm unclear as to how "injections" and "herbal teas" and pills will help someone change their eating habits, but feel free to enlighten me on that one.
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Nope. I don't have "all the answers." But a person would have to be living under a rock these days to understand that if they want to lose weight, they have to eat less and move more. Obesity and type II diabetes are rampant in the U.S., and if you even give 1 minute of your attention to the mainstream media, it's being reported on. Shite, I don't even have  a T.V., and I know it's being reported on from what I've seen on mainstream news websites.

So, I'm asking you people:  What do you hope to gain by using a "quick" fix or a bogus unsubstantiated method to lose weight?  As I said, once you lose the weight, you must monitor your food intake and exercise more ANYWAY.  So why not just do that from the start? How does getting a "self-injection" of hormones?  I've done some reading on the web, and I haven't found one single reputable source indicating that HCG is effective for weight loss, in and of itself. It is ALWAYS
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....coupled with a low-calorie diet and exercise.  

So, again, why take it?  Why not just work out more and eat less?

BTW, if you are not eating a low-carb diet, you will not move yourself further towards PERMANENT weight loss if you have blood sugar issues or appetite control problems.  Just sayin'.  

I'm just wondering if a bunch of hucksters hawking this HCG stuff has taken over this forum. Because it sure seems like it. The shite isn't even FDA approved.
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Go back to the barn babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are being unkind, rude and arrogant.
Not a great way to influence people or have them take you seriously.

You sound 'mad at the world.'

please refrain from using foul language and atagonistic behaviour or you will lose your membership.

this is a positve, support board.

perhaps if you speak to people kindly, they might listen.

as for the FDA approval.

the FDA is not GOD, they lie, they cover up and the are only concerned with the almighty dollar.

Read Dr. Simeon's Pounds and Inches manuscript from the 1950's and you'll understand about hCG therapy and protocol.

Then come back and rant.

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Yeah you hit a nerve. The last one I have left for smartarses like yourself who have probably never had a weight problem in their whole life and want to come tell us who have to " just push yourself away from the table and walk 10 minutes a day" You dont know ****. None of us are looking for a quick fix.We are all  working our butts off in many different ways to lose weight that wouldnt come off with your little exercise routine and your carb counting. Go judge someone your own size and get that huge chip off your slender shoulder and head back to your barn.
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hahahahaha that was awesome... "go back to the barn , babe"  i was laughing my a** off...... applause!!!!!!
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Why in on earth did you ever come on this forum.

You obviously are perfect and healthy and smarter than everyone else here.....Gee I want to be just like you......NOT!

How dare you????

Please go a troll else where.

This is no place for you.

CALORIES IN VS CALORIES OUT.....wow like we already do not know that one?
You are a bloody genius.

hCG helps release stubborn fat, reshapes the body and resets the hypothalamus.

There are plenty of athletes who weigh less than you who use it for metabolic purposes, not to lose weight but to reset their system after years of abuse from non-organic, non-healthy food choices.

No off to that barn.....babe.

(off more than you can chew!)

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Actually, my "little" exercise routine consists of about 50 miles a week of running and a couple of miles of swimming every week. I also pump iron a couple of times a week. I'm swimming the Golden Gate in a few weeks and training for the Alcatraz Triathlon. I'm planning a marathon in September in which I want to BQ (quality for Boston).  It takes more than "10 minutes of walking" to accomplish any of that.  I am 5'7" and weigh 123#. I haven't weighed more than 130# in over 15 years. Why? Because I follow a very low carb diet and work out on a regular basis.

Ten minutes a day of walking will get you nowhere in terms of improving your general health or helping you lose weight. And I never said that is the case anyway, so stop putting words in my mouth.  

My guess is that baro surgery probably has a higher success rate than this bogus injection "treatment," but I guess reasoning just flies out the window with some people.

There are no quick fixes, folks. I know magical thinking is common when people get  desperate, but the "calories in calories out" line still holds, no matter what you "inject" to "lose" your weight.

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Guys, Obviously she's just here to pick a fight and by wasting your time even replying to her post, she's getting the attention she wanted to begin with... Just ignore her, keep in mind she needs all the time she can get to go lift those weights! So let's not occupy her time with our joy, she's just not worth it....
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Who the hell do you think you are?  If you are so freaking perfect, why are you even on this board.  You have alot of nerve getting on here and attacking people that are trying to get healthy.  Not all of us were born perfect like you.  If you are what perfect is , I dont want to be it.
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Many of us here have thyroid disorder. For years, I ate 1200 cals a day(40 carbs or less per day) and exercised vigorously(1 hour of aerobics plus moderate weights) 6 to 7 days a week and I would still steadily gain weight at a rate of
about one pound per month for 3 years!! Others of us here have adrenal disorders which mimic the same symptoms as thyroid disorder and struggle thru the same
in ability to lose weight.  Others here are in a cycle of depression with weight and continue to eat out of depression. This protocal is not by any means "quick and easy." We are cleansing, drastically reducing our calorie intake, self injecting, carefully monitoring and charting our progress, and excercising.  For you to come here and judge us and imply that we are taking the easy way out because perhaps we are just too lazy to eat less and excercise more, is just plain cruel. This is the only thing that has helped me lose 5 pounds in 3 years. And it is by no means a walk in the park.  You should educate yourself before going into a support group thread to criticize.
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Well, I've been doing a bit of reading on this HCG stuff, and frankly, it appears that it always seems to be coupled with a severe calorie cut and advice to exercise.  Sounds like it's the diet and exercise combo that is doing the heavy lifting here. I'm also finding some reputable websites that say it's a wash.

I mean, I don't know - you can probably inject yourself with horse ****, and if you cut your calories to 500 a day (that's really unhealthy, BTW) and get on the treadmill for a while you will lose weight. Sounds like a placebo effect is under way with respect to the actual HCG stuff. Since it's not FDA approved, how do you know that is what you are actually injecting into yourself?  I'm no shill for the FDA (especially under Chimpy's administration with the cronyism and all), but if something is FDA approved, at least you know you are getting what the manufacturer says you are getting.

So how do you know you are injecting HCG if it's not FDA approved? Hell, from what I've read, this shite isn't even legal in the U.S. I would think twice about injecting ANYTHING that wasn't manufactured by a reputable pharma company - yeah, I'm as critical of the pharms as anybody, so please don't go there, either.

With respect to the thyroid/adrenal/depression issues, well, we've all got issues. Everybody's got something. If you have a thyroid problem, you get on Synthroid/Cytomel or some other T3/T4 protocol. If you have depression, treat the depression, so at least you can get your a** out of bed in the morning to get a modicum of exercise.  In other words, people overcome all sorts of physical and emotional "disabilities" and disease states and manage to lose weight. Some people are diabetic and still manage to lose weight (hopefully with low carb).  Yeah, it's harder for some than for others, and if your rate of weight loss is 3# every three years, well, that's a start, I guess.
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ok i have been working out for years . i had heart problems . And accident that left me with a bad back and neck. I have been back to the gym and i work my ass off i walk at least an hour a day . kick boxing twice a week yoga and i weight train 5 days a week and not little weights.Also i am in the sauna almost everynight. I have alot to lose because doc took me out of the gym and i and eating 6 small meals aday  low mostly organic i drink at least a gallon of water a day, i didnt lose at all untill i started phase 1  of KT book.ONe reason its hard for me to  lose is my age and must be going through the change. but it does not stop me.i know this will work,You have your opinion and we have ours . I was always active i have done kung fu for years  ..track.. and i started weight lifting 11 years ago.I just dont know why you had to come in here and say what you did. Its working for these  people and its working for me.we are eating very healthy stopped eating all that **** with growth hormones additves and over processed **** thats out there.the docs had me on all sorts of meds for my heart tried to get my on acid reflux meds pain killers muscle relaxers nitro ...i went to supplment which i did read in KT book natural cures  .. now i am off all othe meds since last year.. and i feel the best i did in year. take care and i hope the enlightened you.
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Just thought it was funning you brought up HORSE ****......   Any way
Why are you so worried about what we are doing, This is a free country Or at least that is what we are told by your so called ( main stream NEW's !!!) But that is another subject. People could say YOU are a work out junkie. Glade you seem to have time to do all this Race running, and going to the gym. some of us do not because we are to busy working and taking care of our family. Sounds like you may be a bit self absorbed.......
We are all trying to take off some weight here, you have your way, and we are finding ours. Some people CAN NOT work out every day due to health issues, but who knows after we loss a few pounds, maybe we will become work-out junkies also. You have your opponion. Let us have ours. As far as the FDA goes. do you base your life on what a Federal Institution tells you? do you understand that there is WAY More they Don't tell Us!!!!!!
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Well you know they say sometimes people will tell people how perfect they are and really they are not. We do not know if she is skinny and know if she does everything she says.
I can not believe you would come in here and cause all these problems you are just a trouble maker and what comes around goes around. You better watch out your ass probably will get big now.
We are a close net group and are here to help each other. Alot of us have health problems and are proud parents of kids.
If you even knew anything on the protocol you would keep your big fat ugly mouth shut.
We might be fat but we are beautiful on the inside and can lose wieht and still be beautiful.
But you, you are ugly on the inside and might be skinny but you will always be ugly because of you inside.
So go and live your so called perfect life.
Your life is not so perfect or you would of not been looking for weight loss forums. I guess you thought we were dumb.
Go back to your barn yard b*tch.
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Ignore her. She is obviously extremely ignorant, qucik to judge without the facts, and getting a kick out of upsetting you all. She's one pathetic excuse for a human being. Ignore her!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I could barely read your first couple nasty posts without cringing at the idea that you assume the magirity of bloggers here are undisciplined dim, lazy, and looking for the easy way out.  I am 39 and about 45 pounds overweight.  Having tried all those low-carb plans, Jenny Craig, LA- Weight Loss, W.Watchers, South Beach. etc.  All of them good for about a initial 10 pound plummet,  I am truly frustrated.  And not because I sit on my duff eating twinkies.  I have trained and run four full length marathons since 2002 and will run my next one in three weeks.   I am 5 foot 7 and 210.  I work my but off 6 days a week running, walking, weight lifting swimming and consuming 1500 cal.  I definitely dont want to hear a skinny, self righteous ***** tell me I need to try a little harder or eat just a little less.  This protocol is my last resort, since my HMO, Kaiser would rather feed me antidepressants( so I don't fixate on my weight), or suggested I gain weight to qualify for bariatric surgery. You have to me a complete moron to think that everyone would be thin if they followed your simplistic plan. Do you think us overweight girls just don't know how to follow a diet plan? I've run out of plans. So who do I trust and listen to?  Certainly not people like you that only shame those with real problems losing weight.  I am a college graduate but one of the things I learned was to question "authority and scholarship".  Anyone who has something to gain from giving advice needs to be scrutinized. Wise up and back off.  Everyone approaching this blog is an individual.  Be thankful you are healthy and spend a little more time being humble.  I'll be smiling as I run my marathon in San Diego knowing that it's twice the accomplisment to haul my 210 frame over 26.2 miles than it is a person 90 pounds less.  (Try running with a couple of 5 year olds on your back. ) I'm blessed to have the support of my two best friends(both about your size) that I helped train and coach who will cross the finish line with me, as a team for their first marathon. We will be helping raise $ for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  You should try being a team player.
I pray this protocol is "the cure" and I'll find out after I finish my marathon June 3rd. Thank you to all who have given encouragement to those who have read K.T's book and are ready to take the next step.
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People are not looking for "quick fixes". Most people on HCG have first tried the whole exercise more, eat less thing, putting one hundred and ten percent of their will power into it, and it still just didn't work.  Not because they didn't try, but because their bodies obviously are very biologically different from yours. Some people have a stronger inherent survival mechanism (if we were in a poor country with starving people, these people looking for "quick fixes" would be the ones to make it through and people like you who don't store excess fat would be quicker to die off).  Also, some people are more sensitive to the chemicals and toxins in the american diet.  I know cuz when I was a child I would throw up every single time I ate fast food. It screws with their body more than it screws with yours, making, literally, UNCONTROLLABLE food cravings, which it is obvious you have never experienced. So don't judge before you know the facts.  More times than not, it's a matter of (biological, hereditorial) luck, not weakness.
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The whole point of taking hcg is so that it will burn your abnormal fat reserves and not your structural fat. Structural fat is necessary, it surrounds and protects your joints. So in a few years, when you begin to have joint damage and pain, you'll know why. When you go on a "diet" of low-calorie, low-carb and all that other **** you are not solving the problem.

Also, didn't the FDA approve YAZ? The birth control pill or patch-whatever the hell it is. Seveal women died because of blood clots due to the patch. It wasn't only birth control. The FDA also approved several drugs for high blood pressure and people died from taking those, too!! Isn't that what your precious FDA is for? To protect you?
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