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Why isn’t Phentermine working for me?

I asked my doctor to prescribe me something for weight loss. I’m 50 years old and just started menopause about a year ago. I’m 5’-6” and weighed about 154. Before my menopause started I weighed about 128. I exercise 6 days a week, I actually enjoy it. My diet was pretty unhealthy so since I’ve been on the phentermine I have watched my diet carefully, changed to very healthy items and count my calories. Initially my doctor had me on 15 mg once a day. I kissed 3 pounds right away, then it stopped. The doctor told me to take 30mg a day. I’ve lost another pound and am at 150. I literally cannot seem to lose weight. Any suggestions or ideas? I take vitamins. I was even doing B12 shots before and a few weeks in on this. I’m just lost! Thank you’
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This drug is not only not proven effective for long-term use, it's not healthy either.  Do some research on this drug.  I didn't even know it was still legal.  You don't want to make up for a hormonal change by taking a drug.  You want to experiment with your diet until you reach a new and still healthy balance.  You get used to menopause eventually.  You can't do that if you take a drug and alter the way your body works naturally.  Peace.
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