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b12 with lipo works best alone or with pills?

diet Queen, I notice you always recommend B12 with lipo. Do you not take appetite supressants also? I thought I had heard the shots don't work as well alone. How much weight have you lost?
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thank you so much, it helps very much to know your story as I am in a pretty similar situation and just getting started.

I have a clinic in my area that affers B12 and hcg and is a lot cheaper than ordering b12 with lipo online; do you really recommend the lipo that much more?? what is the difference?
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Help! I am in the same situation also I started taking the hcg injections  and twice  weekly i take b-12 injection i felt very fatigue no energy and the calories they recommended i cut to is 500- 800a day. Is the b-12 the same as the b-12 lipo. if not where can i get it? I am proud of your results but I need help soon before I give up once again. the hcg injections is 5 days a week and b-12 is twice weekly. how long does it take to get results? thank you so much.
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what type of appetite supressants do you take with the b12 lipo?

I was thinking of buying the Phendimetrazine 35 mg what do you think?
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well. I have been on my hcg injections and low calorie diet  for little over a week. I have lost 10 lbs and I have lost inches not sure exactly how many inches i'll measure tomorrow. I was hard the first week but the place where I get my injections would call and I would call them on days it was real bad as far as getting hungry or discouraged they were great and encouraged me to continue and hang in there. It was worth it all. I am very pleased. The place is in Lavergne Tn. called Native Healing Ways if you would like more info. I would love to share it with you just let me know. They are having a special buy 3 weeks get one week free. I am starting my Husband on it today she says men lose faster so I will updatre with success as well.
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Where can i buy b-12 injections from?.
Where can i get lipo-dissolve products from?
please mail ***@****
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I have been taking the b12 shots alone with no pills and I have lost 24 pounds in 2 weeks by just following the diet. right now I weigh 270. before I started the injections I weighed 294
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