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cannot lose weight

i put on about 40lbs in two months time.for the last year i have had my thyroid checked which i was told was fine except that i have a nodule. i watch my calorie intake. i usually keep it between 1500 and 1700 calories a day. i run 1.5 miles every morning and i do a 45 min exercise routine everyday. i am building muscle but i cant get rid of this layer of fat on my body. what am i doing wrong? i have increased my cardio but that is working either.i really am getting down about this, like i said i have battled this for a year.please help me!
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the layer of fat is right on my lower stomach. i have done countless numbers of different ab routines. and under the fat you can feel my abs cause they are pretty strong, but no matter how much cardio or strength training i do this layer of fat wont go away.thank you i will look in to liposuction and the shots.
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do i need to talk to my normal physician about the shots or do i need to find a plastic surgeon? does anyone know of any good plastic surgeons in the las vegas area?
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Where do you buy them @ over the internet? Do you use just the b-12 or do you use the lipo also. Do you have a script?
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Have you tried kickboxing?  I struggled with obesity for nearly 10 years after having my children and the lower abdomen layer of fat is always the hardest after having kids.  I wouldn't recommend surgery.  

I've found that kickboxing is a great way to work your oblique muscles.  If you're only working your upper and lower abs and not your obliques (the sides of your ab areas), you're going to struggle to lose that lower abdomen fat tissue.  It'll take at least six to eight weeks before you start noticing the difference, but take it from someone who had a lot of sagging fat layered over muscle; kickboxing does work those oblique muscles to help you lose that bottom layer of fat!
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