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I was on the HCG diet drops for 3 weeks. Wanted to lose about 10 lbs, ended up losing that and then gaining 5 back while on the maintanence. However, because the diet restricts sugars and starches, I am incredibly bloated and constipated all the time. I am slowly trying to incorporate whole wheat grains back into my diet, taking fiber pills and activia but nothing is working! I exercise 4-5x a week and eat extremely healthy. Before this diet I was regular, and now I only go once every 3 days. Its been over a month with this problem now and am not sure what to do... The diet seemed to do more harm then help.
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HI KR324, I had very good luck with HCG. I was on the "Blood Type Diet" before and after, and I drink lots of water.  Do you know how much water you drink per day? I was a bit constipated during the diet and I read that I should be drinking more water. That made the difference for me.  I drink about 10 - 12 glasses a day.  I am not sure but I would think the fiber would bind you up more and might be more of a problem.

I had some problems when eating anything with sugar unless I drank plenty of water. I still avoid starches and I am never really hungry on the Blood Type diet even though I am blood type "A" which means I don't eat meat anymore to speak of.  I never thought I could stick to a plan with no Steak and Potatoes but I feel so much better it is easy to stick to it.

Perhaps more fluids would help.


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As for you comment about "We don't recommend the HCG diet or any others that use products not approved by the FDA"   Then why do you all discuss and many endorse "Armour Thyroid" in the thyroid forum, a necessary but not "FDA approved" substance that many thyroid sufferers use and need.  In the thyroid community many use and NEED it.

Armour Thyroid is a "natural" thyroid replacement medication that is available by prescription. It is made from thyroid glands of pigs and contains two different thyroid hormones. Although the drug is not FDA-approved, it meets certain consistency and potency standards. Armour Thyroid comes in tablet form and is taken once daily. Common side effects include insomnia, hair loss, and hypertension.
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Barb, I would suggest you read Pounds and Inches by Dr. Simeon before speaking on the subject of HCG.  It is not a starvation diet, if it were then no one could keep on it for the 23 to 43 day cycles without cheating, and they would not lose the weight promised.  Following HCG protocol to the letter will take off stored fat, and stored fat only.  You do not lose muscle like on most "fad diets".  It is a recognized weight loss treatment and there are plenty of clinics and doctors that offer it. I understand that if your ignorant of the protocol and how HCG works that a 500 calorie diet sounds frightening.  Until I did the research I was dismissive of it as well, it sounds completely unhealthy.  But instead of speaking out against HCG I chose to learn about it.  I'm now on round 1, phase 2, day 14 and I've lost over 18 pounds and I feel great.  There is a huge community of HCGers on you tube (another place you might want to check out) and Facebook.  It's all about learning how your body reacts to certain foods and learning portion control.  Pounds and Inches- it's available on the internet and it doesn't cost a thing but a little of your time to read it.
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HI Kathlean, Great to hear of your progress too. I am on Type A diet now on Maintenance. I do round two for another 40 days in two weeks.  It is amazing how healthy I feel now as well.  I have maintained and even lost a pound while on maintenance.

I so agree with your comments. To those of us that are/were obese the HCG protocol is truly a lifesaver and when followed to the letter as you say, It can save a person's life. I know people who have gone on HCG rather than Lap Band etc. and the success rate is higher for HCG than most people realize.

I suggest anyone reading this, do the research seek a doctor that treats with HCG protocol. And in my case I have made the lifestyle change of the Blood Type Diet when not on HCG.

Combined I lost 45 pounds, and kept it off since December.  It is not magic, there is no magic pill or substance, it still takes work and I also get plenty of healthy exercise.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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