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diet pills?

hello this is prudent, do diet pills really work? and are they safe? what have you used in conjuction with  a diet? do you excercise more? drink more fluids? I did try diet pills once I got so bloated? and I used a diaretic? would like to hear your input, thanks again.
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My husband & I both have taken perscription Phentermine at different points and have great success w/ it.  My husband at one time even lost 60 pounds.  Of course, you have to drink lots of water & it definitely helps to diet & excercise, but the phentermine gives you the energy & willpower to do such things.  The problem is, you cannot take it forever...so if you don't stick to the lifestyle after you stop taking the pill you will obviously gain at least some of it back!  :(
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Hey i just wanted to know.. how did u get a persription from the doc? I asked my doc. about something to help with weight loss she said there is nothing as I am overweight to myself i think that is. I had a miss carriage and got so depressed and then gain tons of weight and i lost 10 lbs and then got pg with my daughter and gained alot of weight while pg. and ive been working so hard and not even 1 lb came off so im sooo discourage.. hope to hear from you since you seen to lose some weight on this hopeing i could possibly ask my doc. or convience her maybe Thank you.!
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