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Does anyone mind sharing NHW diet? I wonder what differences are between their diet and TK's diet.
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Why, may I ask are you 'more' comfortable with KT's diet?
I am on the fence about what to choose on wednesday.
I thought I would do KT, but NHW seems like a more realistic plan for learning to have a less 'flawed' relationship with food.
Kt's diet is so, so restrictive and that is when people lapse, etc.
I am looking to have a long term 'comfortable' food plan and NHW gives you options, no?

Also, a 1/2 to a lb a day is offered by both plans

I am confused.
Please give me your ideas.


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Thanks for your insight.
I do not have a great deal of caffeine, but I do drink wulong often.
I have decaf tea and coffee and would continue to have the odd green/wulong  on NHW.
I cannot see how that would slow up or 'mess up my loss.

The plans differ so greatly.
It's not even the food....but products and vitamins and menstruation protocol...
I am finding it difficult and feel quite unsure about loads of it.

I have another day to decide....


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Do ptotein diets work better? Please help, what foods do you eat? Meat all the time?
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