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I just had my 8th hcg shot 150 iu on a continuous schedule. I only lost 2 lbs if that is real. I have been following Simeons's protocol in terms of diet. I eat 2 meals/day with 150-200 g of protein, 1 vegetable in 2 seperate meals, 2 pieces of melba toast, 2 fruits with daily calorie intake around 490-500. I only had one cup of black coffee this morning, tea and some diet coke on other days. I feel fine, I am not hungry nor am I tired. I wonder if I am failing hcg therapy or the result is yet to be seen.
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where do you get the melba toast
how much is it?
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100 grams of specific protein at lunch and dinner is what is specifed in the siemon's protocal.    An increase in this is probably what is keeping you from losing.  I have seen others post the same problem when they increased the protein as well.  Once they decreased they started losing.
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I consume a little less than 200 g boneless skinless chicken in 2 divided meals which  meas aroung 100g at lunch and 100g at dinner.

I drink tea and water with total volume of no less than 78 ounces daily.

NHW says it is ok to drink up to 2 coke a day, it is certaily not recommened. I will stop the coke and see if there is any difference.

I got my melba toast from Shaw's, most of the grocery stores do not have it.

It seems almost everyone is getting good result with the injection except me, I am somewhat frustrated.
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I am on day 11 and I have lost 7 pounds.(I was hoping for more)  I had a diet coke on day 3.  The next day I gained .5 pounds!!  I would try to skip the coke!
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I started the HCG program and was happpy to lose the 8 lbs in the 2 weeks.  However, I was very hungry.  I did not do the candida cleanse or any other cleanses very long.  I stopped after the 21 days. Really after 14.... I need at least 1000 calories a day.  I am going to wait 30 days and do two cleanses... especially the candida cleanse...The HCG works. IT was hard for me.
Hang in there.  I found that eating shrimp helped in place of chicken and red meat. The Chamomile tea helped with digestion too.  
good luck.  Some of us don't see big results like others.  I find that froming reading this forum - people are successful on phen, others - it quits working for. Some are losing two times the amount of weight than others on the HCG.
I sure wished there was that magic pill.  However, we are what we eat... I love spaghetti, pizza, chips, hot bread and butter, cookies, cakes, and ice cream.  But, gtd. not any of those eaten together will be less than 1000 to 1200 calories a day - not the way I like it.  So, portion control is a key and keeping up with how much we eat would be helpful no matter what program we work..
I want my weight off today too...Patience and reward yourself for small goals.  Be kind to you.... My goal is to be 40 lbs lighter by October.  SO, today I am 7 lbs lighter than I was 23 days ago...Just 33 more to go in 5 months. I am going to do it.  Portion control and working the HCG program with my time off in between either 21 days or the 40.  I am taking it by steps....
I am rooting for all of us to succeed....
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If this doesn't work for you maybe something else is wrong.  I would get some blood work and see a good nutritionist.  Maybe you have a thyroid problem.  I have a lot of friends who have done well on another program that you can order and have sent to you.  It's a very well blanaced and easy to do program. They are losing pretty fast.  I figure if HCG doesn't do it for me I will do that.  Just think I would like to reset hte hypothalamus.  email me if you want info.  My friend who is over 60 loses weight soooo slow.  She went from a size 14 to a 4 now. It wasn't super fast, but she kept losing about2-3 pouns a week.  Not bad for a slow loser. My eamil is ***@****.  I am not affiliated in any way with this or any other clinic.
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My doc said diet coke (or any carbonated drink) is a HUGE no no. they have sodium in them and cause you to retain water.  you should stick to water and tea. Hopefully that will help.
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I've read KT's book and there have been a few modifications to Dr. Simeon's protocol. The day starts off with coffee or tea. For lunch you are only supposed to have 100grams of chicken, fish or beef. I don't think that shrimp is included in that. You can also have an apple or a small grapefruit with or between meals. Starches were not included on the list. Melba toast was allowed on the original protocol but not the new one. It is said to slow the process down. If you cut out on melba toast and soda, you should see great results. I hope this helps!!  :-)
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