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hCG Shots

Hi, I need to know where i can order the hCG shots. I heard that this shot is good to lose weight. I try to look online to buy it, but my research lead me to nothing. If somebody know information that will help me, please reply to this question. I'm desperate because in a year I gain about 60 pounds. PLEASE HELP ME.
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i also need to know

here are 3 i dont know which is the best let me know which you order from thanks!




i hope to find more so much $$$
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thanks for ur info, as soon that i know which one i will order, or any other sites that we can order them, i will let u know
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be careful with the hcg shots.  they actually trick your body into thinking it is pregnant so you may end up gaining weight.   Maybe the reason you lose weight is because it can make you feel very sick .. just food for thought
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Hello everyone:

I've been reading those threads related to the hCG shots for weight loss subject, and I suspect that once again (as it happened in 1974) the method will be misused by all those who only wish to grab a commercial profit from its use.

Please let me remind you again, and again, and again, that hCG is a PRESCRIPTION drug that MUST be dispensed by a licensed Physician.

hCG injections are PART of a comprehensive weight reduction program. hCG administration is just ONE aspect of the complete hCG +diet program.

Unfortunately many Healthcare Professionals modified the original method based on their own assumptions on how the method operates.

In some cases modifications were performed to the extent that they do not include any of the basic and fundamental postulates of the hCG protocol, resulting in UNWANTED or side-effects.

We set forth that much of the negative publicity surrounding the method is due to the lack of proper validation by the appropriate governmental agencies, such that it has been marginally performed often by untrained personnel, under uncontrolled conditions. Thus, the protocol has been modified or misinterpreted, leading to unsuccessful results.

To obtain medical advice concerning obesity and safe ways to lose weight, or other medical matters, seek the counsel of a knowledgeable and competent specialized physician.
Dr. Daniel Belluscio
Director- The hCG Research Clinic
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This is to reply to the post on 7/22 about the fact that the shots trick your body into thinking that it is pregnant and the shots make you sick.  First of all, it doesn't trick your body into thinking that it is pregnant.  If that was the case you would not have your period,which is not the case.  Also, you do not get enough HCG to make your body think that you are pregnant.  It is something that your body produces anyway pregnant or not.  If you take a pregnancy test while on the HCG shots and it's positive, then you are pregnant!!  You WILL NOT get a false positive result on the shots.  As far as you being sick on the shots, I know approx. 20 people who take the shots, including myself, and no one has ever told me that the shots make them sick.  This weight loss solution may not work for you if you don't follow your doctor's instructions.  Please read up on your information before you post any messages.  Thank You!
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tWhiz... you take these injections????  Where can I purchase these injections????  Most of the sights require that you come to their clinic.  Also, I took these shots for 3 months and NEVER... repeat NEVER got sick!!  I have discussed they HCG injections with my family doctor and he hasn't heard of it being used for weight loss...but said he would be happy to monitor my health during the process.  I have taken these shots before and had AWESOME results.  At that time I lived in AL and went to LO. for a check up and then purchased the injecitons.  However after many surgeries I have slowly put the weight back on and can NOT take it off.  Someone please help me find a site that I can actually purchase the shots.  By the way the Genesis site is NOT up and running.  You can't get ahold of any one and the emails bounce back to you.  DOES ANYONE KNOW?????
Thanks all in advance for your HELP!
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When living in Europe, I lost a lot of weight using hGC shots in combination with Dr. Simeons diet.  Despite the 500 cal. diet, I had incredible energy and stamina; I felt great!  

Where in Washington DC can one obtain these shots?

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Well, I had my first HCG shot yesterday and the doctor sent me home with three for the month.  It did not make me sick.  My girlfriend did this program and lost alot. I eat a Detour Bar in the morning (it must have more protein than carbs) and a pill a day.  I ate a Lean Cuisine for dinner and an apple for a snack. AND I AM A REAL JUNK FOOD EATER....SO today I only had 550 calories and I am so proud of myself.  Thank god I can have unlimited gum and diet coke!!  I live in NC.  Gonna lose !  Yeah!
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Hey Misty. How much weight did your friend lose? Where are you in nc? I live in nc too and I start the shots in december.
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i have taken the hcg shots before and lost weight, but it has been a while and i have gained it back and i have recently moved to tennessee and would like to know where i would be able to get it up here. thanks
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I am shocked that any one would want to put a drug that would comprise your body's reproduction system in order to lose weight. If you want to lose weight try the old fashion way. Cut the calories, reduce the fat and excerise EVERY day for the rest of your life. I did it Twice. Once in College, I took off 30 lbs. Kept it off for 15 year. I put 40 lbs on during my first 3 years of marriage. I decided to lose it. It took 2 years to lose it, go from 33% body fat to 21% body fat. I now compete as a master rower and watch every day what I eat and train every day. Lose it this way, it is the safest and the best way to keep it off.
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It does not compromise you reproductive process, if anything it can help. I have PCOS and it is very hard to lose weight. They have also found out that these shots seem to help PCOS and might even cure it. SO by taking these shots I will lose weight and my body might finally straighten out and I might finally be able to have a baby!!!!!!!!!
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