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hcg diet 2

I hope everyone will join us here from the hcg diet thread.  
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I'm with you girl!
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Well here I am hanging out with the girls. I have looked around for blogs with guys my age doin this and I cant find any. 19 lbs to go and I will be FAT FREE. My cloths are getting really loose. It is ok becuse I sttill have all my skiney cloths from five years ago on up and since guys dont have to worry to much about the latest styles my downsizing wont cost me a fortune. For once I feel like I can give away my big cloths cus I am sure I will not need them again......Thank GOD
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Love your post to the forum bully..... on the other thread.
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Hi, I figured it out . . . here I am!!
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Yeah, You took that losser out, nice work. It is so funny when I see people saying it dosent  work when every morning I wake up lighter with plenty of strength. I know for a fact I would be so weak if I was restricting my calories down this low. I would be ready to pass out. All most lunch time....................chicken and spinach. YUM YUM
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i know..i love lunch time!!!  :0)  you guys all talk about spinach so much...is there something extra special about it? sincerely curious....i am boring, stick to either tomatoes, cucs, celery, and lettuce. not sure how I'll get through the next month!! lol
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I made it here too!  Glad you all are doing so well!
Do any of you measure out your veggies?  I know KT says a large hand full and Dr.S does not say.
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Thanks...sometimes I just cant stop myself!!  (I'm Italian too, I'm sure you know what I mean!! lol)  

How's your first week going? You feelin good? Gets better every day I think!
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Thanks girlee.  Can you share the measured amounts of veggies?
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I eat my spinach raw for nutritionall value and it is filling.. I measure mine using 2 hands becuse I am 6'2" and Am HUNGERY.  Asparagas is aloud to which I love but I have not found any latelly  FYI celry creates a calorie defacate so it makes sense anyone who eats it will be low on there calories that day....................plus it taste so .................BLAW
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Sorry for my really bad spelling, my wife just hates it ( of course she can spell anything )
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Raw spinach is good.
Someome posted on the old thread how they fixed thier spinach and it sounded pretty good. I went back but could not find it.  
Was it you Lindaloo?  
Please post again if possible.
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