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hcg diet

In phase 2 of hcg diet, I am confused.  Do you start day 3 with the VLCD and go until day 40 or day 45 on the 500 calories.  Also, are you allowed to eat as much vegetable  (the 1 vegetable at each meal)?  or do you have to measure out your vegetable and then find out what that calorie count is so that you do not go over your 500 calories?  Are you allowed to cook with extra virgin coconut oil with your vegetables, and if so, can you saute onion and garlic with the 1 vegetable.  Does a salad as 1 vegetable allow you to use more than just the lettuce, or can you add tomatoe, ect. to the salad as your one vegetable per meal?

Phase 3.  Do you double your 500 calories on this phase, or do you take your weight lost, and multiple by 11 for women, to get what amount of calories you should be taking in, on this phase?  Say you weigh 120, and then multiple it by 11, and you are allowed to consume 1320 in calories during this phase, by slowing adding 200-300 calories more to the already 500 per week for a total of 3 weeks.   I just haven't been able to find the exact instructions in the Pounds and Inches where it states exactly how to do these phases.  Also, questioning about the final phase 4.  Can anyone give me the place to find this in Dr. Simeon's free online book that shows this?

I sure would like to have all of this information before I start the phases.  I keep getting all kinds of different stories from different people that have done this diet.
What are the best products to use for bathing soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo/conditioner while going through this 40-45 day protocol?  Can anyone please give me brand name products that you have used that do not carry oil or cream in them.

Thanks for all of your help?
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I just finished my first round on hcg. I did the 23 day round. How it works is you eat high fat foods for 2 days but you must remain on the VLCD for 23 days minimum in order to reset your metab. So total would be 25 days. So if youre doing the 40+ day diet you need to be on the VLCD for 41 days but add the 2 days of loading to total 43 days. Thats how it was explained to me anyways...lol. As far as veggies go. I have been mixing veggies ever since i started not alot but a little. For instance I will eat a spinach salad with 4 cherry tomatos and some sliced cucumbers with apple cider vinegar. I have made cabbage soup with garlic, and onions. It did not effect my loses. I only lost 14.8 pounds but that was due to me cheating a few times (ate slices of cake, mother's day breakfast etc) So i definitely couldve lost more. As for P3 I will slowly start adidng more cals to my diet...not alot maybe a couple 100 more every few days. I plan on going on the diet again after my 3 week maintenance phase. As far as lotions etc. I have used the same toothpaste, same deo but did change my lotion only because I know the skin is the biggest organ on the body. I changed to St. Ives vitamin E lotion..had no issues. They say not to use mint toothpaste because it can interfer with loses...I wouldnt know because I didnt use mint toothpaste during this time.
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Thanks for the info.  It does really help to get responses back from people out here who have at least done part of the program and have found what does work.  Thanks, again.
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I am preparing to start (after a two week trip to see relatives). I ordered products that comply with HCG from DIYHCG.COM -- they had a package of products you can order: toothpaste, deodorant, baby oil, breadsticks, spices, salad dressing, etc.

If anyone knows a place where product are listed that comply, I'd love to know it... but that is hard, since product ingredients change.
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I use all my regular beauty products and have not had any problems with my weight loss. I would highly, highly suggest reading pounds & inches, which explains the HCG protocol. Yes 500 calories is the amount of calories you take in during VLCD, regardless of your weight.
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