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hcg diet

I would like to start the hcg shots soon.  I live in NJ and I can't find a clinic in this state.  There are a couple of questions I have.
1. On what website can I buy the hcg from?  
2.  Are most people following a 500 or 800 vlcd?
3.  Are dieters washing their hair?  Please answer "yes".
4.  What are some of the menu options?  
I've read the Simeon's manuscript already.  I feel that I keep reading the same info over and over again on several different websites without learning anything new. I'm looking to start in a few weeks.
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I have completed phase 3 of the protocol. I started at 150 pounds and I now weigh 107 pounds at 5'3. I got my hcg from GHI Medical. I had to have a physical from my own doctor who had to sign some paper work from GHI and I had to have a blood test as specified from GHI Medical. I followed the 500 calorie diet religiously. I had plenty of energy to exercise which I did 5 - 6 aerobic work outs and 3 weight training work outs.  I am a personal trainer and I was having an extremely frustrating time loosing weight after the birth of my 3rd child. Yes, I washed my hair and conditioned it. I don't wear alot of make-up anyway so the only thing I changed was that I used a powder sunscreen and Bare Minerals powder concealer. I did wear mascara and removed it with oil free make-up remover. As far as menu options, I ate flattened broiled organic chicken seasoned w/lemon and spices with one of the listed veggies. I ate the organic apple as a snack and for dinner I ate one of the listed fish, broiled that same way as the chicken. I drank all of the teas with stevia, hot and cold, except for the oolong tea which I just wasn't cray about. In the first week I lost almost 10 pounds and then settled into a 1/2 pound to a full pound a day after that. I kept a log of everything I did and ate and also how I felt. I use to have sugar cravings but now I don't. I hope this helps you.  I have a friend that will be starting her shots on 8/10. She's about 60 pounds overweight. I can keep you posted on how she's doing.  Good Luck!
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i am so happy for your success!  i had actually posted a question to you on another, older thread wanting to know your progress so that is fabulous.  i am a np and am wanting to start the protocol.  can you explain to me how your hcg injections are prescribed to you?  specifically i am wondering about your prescription instructions, how it comes from your pharmacy etc.  thanks for any info.
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Thank you for sharing your experience.  I'm a 36 year old man who was already overweight when I quit smoking and gained another 60 pounds.  I'm now 110 pounds overweight frankly afraid for my life.  I wrangled some HCG out of an overseas pharmacy supply, my shipment was seized by the FDA once coming thru customs but I finally got it.  I have needles and I'm just waiting for the sterile water to mix the drug before I start.  The only insurance I have is thru the Veteran's Administration so I can't choose a doctor who'll cooperate with my plans to try this regimen.  I'd like to know if you had any hunger.  I know that I have an almost constant gnawing hunger now.  It will be nice to be free of that.  I'm very pleased and heartened by your success.  Please tell me how your friend's experience goes.  I have heard lots of people talk about how much they've lost but its usually less than 30 pounds.  You are the biggest "loser" if you'll pardon the pun I have seen thus far in these forums.  I hope to be a bigger loser than you soon.
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The hcg came from GHI Medical, which is an internet based hormone replacement therapy group. As I explained earlier I had to have a blood test before they would prescribe the hcg.  They send you the papers you need and will tell you where the closest lab is, for me it was a place called Lab Corp.  I gave them the papers and they drew the blood and sent the results to GHI Medical. A doctor looks over ther results, calls you and explains the procedure and then asks you if you have any questions.  After that everything you need to begin is sent to you 2nd day air, hcg, bac water, and syringes.  They send pictures and directions on how to prepare the hcg solution which must be stored in the fridge. They send a 45 day supply however mine didn't last 45 days, I only had enough for 40 days. As far as hunger went, I was only slightly hungryfor the first 2-3 days, but after that I wasn't hungry again. I did use the 2 apples a day between meals as my snack. I drank alot of water, I live in Texas and it is really hot here so I am use to drinking lots of water. I worked out hard. It took my mind off the diet. What really impressed me about his protocol is the way my body was being reshaped.  My waist got very small, mu stomach very flat. I have nicely defined arms and legs. It is really exciting to weigh yourself every morning and see weight loss success. It is so motivating. I highly recommend working out while on this protocol. Good luck to you all and I will keep you posted with my friends results. It helps to keep a journal of your weight and measurements - more motivation!
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I completed my physical today and had my blood work drawn last week.
I am following the KT plan straight from his zillion dollar making website.

I want to make this as scientific as possible to communicate to people with measurements, exact foods, diary, etc.
I plan on following this to the exact letter...............if at all possible.
I would like to have a website with all of my trials and tribulations documented.
Do you know if anyone has done this?........................  I have 75 pounds to loose.  
Diabetes, Thyroid issues.................. looking to get off the diabetes meds for sure.
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I am on a forum that I LOVE...it is only for people who are on the protocol, and want to share and keep track of their experinces.  If you want to join us e mail me.
I will be happy to share with you, it has been so much support for me, I am only on day 7, 7 injections, 5th day of vlcd.  I am happy so far, down 7 pounds
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I don't know of anyone who is keeping records of this nut I have mine and my friend is startting her shots on 8/10.  I got my hcg from GHI medical and she got hers from Natural HCG. She has an office job, single, 37 years old, no kids. I am 45, work at my own schedule as a PT married with 3 kids.  It will be interesting to compare results considering our ifferent lifestyles and getting our hcg from different sources.
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Did the program you are following suggest eating to capacity during the first 3 injection days and then cutting to 500 calories as the Dr. Simeons plan? I'm wondering how important this is to the final out come. I to am in the gym 6 days a week with weight training, cardio and cycling. My objective is to maintain muscle and shed the problem fat areas.  
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lyndamc, I agree that comparison would be interesting.  I will let you know as soon as I start.  I am waiting for sterile water to mix my HCG.  It seems that unless you get HCG specifically for weight loss they only give you enough solvent for one injection.  I will go through the injection phase again since I need to lose about 110 pounds and I think I'll go through a clinic that time to avoid the hassle.  I could have been done with my injection phase by now if I'd done that.  

wfinspector, I'll be following the Simeons protocol so yes, gorging for three days then dropping to 500 calories.  The Trudeau approach says two days.  I suppose it depends on how much you've been dieting and undernourishing yourself prior to going on the vlcd as it is designed to flood your system with nutrients to give the HCG a chance to kinda take hold.  Also, READ THE BOOK Pounds and Inches by Dr Simeons if you haven't already.  You see, in case you didn't know, it's not just a 500 calorie a day diet, it's a very specific 500 calories a day.  There may be some doctors at certain clinics who have tweaked the program a bit and had success, but they are doctors and know what the heck they are doing.  I'm not a doc, I can't tweak the program like a doc can so I'll be following the Simeons protocol to the letter.

Here's hoping.
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I only gorged for 2 days as specified in the KT book. I did not loose any muscle mass in fact I gained a little bit.  Once that outer layer of aft is gone you can see the definition that's underneath. All the moms in my children's schools keep asking me what did I do. I'm thin but muscular and healthy looking.  I haven't told them about this yet.  I want to see how my friend does on this protocol because she is absolutely not a work-out person.  I want to see how this reshapes her body.  She has always had excess fat on her hips, even when she weighed 105, she had big hips for her frame.  Looking at her I would say that her abnormal fat stores are definitely in her hips. If she does as well as I did and looses those inches on her hips, I am going to tell everyone about this protocol. Let's keep each other posted!
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Thanks for your response. I'm looking to follow the Pounds & Inches Protocol with the injections & the diet.  I appreciate the menu descriptions.  I would love to lose about 20 pounds. I'm hoping that this diet will be the one! I will definitely be checking out GHI Medical.  Good luck to you & your friend. I will watching for your success!  I'll let you know what happens in a few.  lgstarchild
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SRO, I to will be following the Simeons protocol. I have it printed out and will follow to the letter. The eating to capacity was noted to delay the weight loss by a week or so in the documentation. I'll have to force myself to "put on the feed bag" in the begining. The possibility of rapid weight gain if you stray from the protcol while taking the injections is enough to keep me on track. So I will be at 500 or less a day.   Keep me posted . My HCG has been shipped. Waiting to begin. Maybe in a week......

lyndamc, please keep us posted on your friend. I to do not intend to say anything to the people in the gym. I want to see if they will notice anything. I'm currently at 212. My ideal weight is around a max of 179. But, my bf% is well under 20%. In act it is around 15. But the problem areas are still there. No matter what I do the problem areas remain.  I'll be running the 23 day plan. I hope this will get me where I need to be.  
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