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hcg question

concerning hcg diet:
i am on round 1,phase 2,day 15 and i ran out of supplies, ... more is en route but i will not receive them for probably 1 week or more.
should i do;
1) stay on very low calorie diet for 3 days without hcg, then go into phase 3 maintenance till the immunity
2) wait for the hcg and supplies to arrive and and then pick up where i left off
3)do load days again, and start completely over
4)other options?

please help me as this diet is so scientifically specific that i cannot figure which i should do.
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I would suggest that you up your calorie count to a level where you are not hungry. Use the same foods that were on the diet, just more of them. Then when your supplies arrive, start the injections and the 500 cal diet again without reloading. If for some reason the supplies take over two weeks to arrive, then I would suggest reloading and starting over with the diet.
Hope this helps.
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