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hgc injections

could you please email me the dr supervised program ? i am from dallas texas , have not been able to find dr to do the hcg injections thanks.
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here is the protocol manusscript by simeon

here is a place that has been prescribing it for 17 years.

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some truth for you...

. I posted the truth about HCG and what it realy is..and does...its sad so many are fooled...HCG is far from new..and does zero for weight loss...your talking like you FOOL the body into thinking its only getting 500 cals...and womens urine does not do this...and womens urine in no way can affect a fat cell..I know more about FATCELLS then anyone here..bar none....and womens urine cant help...hopefully you people will get a grip..and I bash no one..,just because I do not agree..thats bashing ? Just do not be lieing to people who come here ,who dont know better..with all your excercise you could eat so good..and with no pills...no powders..and no WOMENS URINE...and I have every right to tell people the truth..and once again.in tme..KEVEN TRUDEAU will be arrested again...do you tell these people that the second they stop injecting womends  urine.. ALL THE WEIGHT COMES BACK ?? I see that slipped your mind....did you post the real side affects....hmm...truth shoulod not make anyone here mad at me...do as you must..but leave other people alone..or atleast tell the truth..
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15 to 30 mg of phentermine daily resulted in about 1 lb to 13 lb more weight loss than when using a PLACEBO The medication was used from 2 weeks to 24 weeks, with an average use of about 13 weeks. Most of the people using phentermine in the studies reviewed also made lifestyle changes, such as diet or exercise.
Side Effects
Side effects of phentermine include:

Dry mouth.
Sleep problems.
Possible addiction.

What To Think About
Phentermine is no longer marketed in Europe due to a possible association with heart and lung problems.1

It is not known whether these medications are safe to take for more than a few weeks.

Weight generally is regained after stopping medication.

The best weight-loss medication program will also incorporate a weight-loss diet and exercise.
OK as you see..for a very slight weight (not fat) loss...why take the risk ?
and it clearly states..excercise,diet are #1 and no long tern studies have been done..and as soon as you stop..all weight is re-gained..this is junk..stop looking for a quick fix...its not worth the risks..not for this drug anyway
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I live 20 miles east of Dallas, and am on my 10th day of HCG shots. I could not find a Clinic or Doctor prescribing HCG anywhere in the Dallas area. I ended up going to Tranformations Clinic in Tulsa. After 1 visit they mail HCG to you.  There is a clinic that recently opened in Ft Worth but they require they follow you through a 30 day Phase I 'pre-diet' cleanse and diet preparation before they will prescibe HCG.

Can't email Transformations program because it's only 'hard copy'. Dr Simeon's original diet can be found at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/HcgDieters/files/. There is a summary version and the full 64 page document written by Dr Simeon.

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I'm very curious.......have you actually completed the HCG diet yourself?  You seem to know alot about it but you are not very clear about your results.
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No I did not do the diet..and yes I know the diet inside and out..its scam...AND CAN BE TROUBLE.. they bash me..im not mad at anyone here ,nor anyone trying to lose weight...Im here to point out truths...
read the things i posted about what HCG is and realy does..then tell me if you think its a good idea..remember.,its all about $$ the body in no way or form will relase 'fat from fat cells becasue of injecting  urine in you..(thats what HCG is) fat cells only relase fat in a few ways..
#1 starve them
#2 excercise till your in a negative state..
#3 liposucktion
if pregnat urin released fat..why do so many women gain weight and new fat cells after birth ?
i mean...you do not need 500 cals and urine to lose weight..you can eat 800-1,200 cals a day + excercise and skip the injections..sound much smarter doesnt it..
and  atleast your willing to take the blinders off..im not against anyone..im against liers ,scams and con artists like KEVIN TRUDEAU who from whaty I hear will be arrested again soon...good luck to you..
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incase you did not see this...and go look at my posts..read them all about HCG...heres a clip here
This deceptive practice is injection with HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). HCG is a hormone extracted from urine of pregnant women. It is approved by FDA for treatment of certain problems of the male reproductive system and in stimulating ovulation in women who have had difficulty becoming pregnant. No evidence has been presented, however, to substantiate claims for HCG as a weight-loss aid.

An article in JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) stated:

"No convincing scientific evidence exists that human chorionic gonadotropin has any pharmacologic effect in weight reduction. Hence, claims to the public that such effects do occur are a misrepresentation of the scientific facts."
FDA requires all labeling and advertising of HCG to state that it has not been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of obesity. The ads must also state that HCG is not approved by FDA as safe and effective in treatment of obesity of weight control.

Yet the use of HCG for weight loss continues. For instance, advertisements for weight-loss clinics using HCG appeared in the Chicago area in the summer of 1982. The ads included the required disclaimer, but in type much smaller than that used to extol the virtues of the clinics' program.

The pill or shot to enable a person to lose weight without danger and without eating less has not been formulated. And the garment or other device to let one firm up or lose inches without moving a muscle has yet to be invented.

It looks like those who want to be slim will have to resort to those old, unglamorous standbys--eating less and exercising more--to shake those excess pounds
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there IS scientific evidence if you look in the right places, not the old standby medical journals. i googled 'hcg and weight loss' and found a study. they said that only medical professionals could get it, but they sent it to me anyway. also the old 'stand by' of low calorie, more exercise is NOT working for the vast majority of people who are finally finding their answer in hcg. life long dieting has caused many of our bodies to go into 'survival mode' and our metabolism is now stuck in low gear and hunger is stuck in high gear and it has to be fixed! cutting calories only makes me gain weight so i am not going to do it anymore. it just trains my body on how to store fat even more. you put your book knowledge up high over our own personal experience, and tell us we don't know what we're talking about. you are stunned that we don't just hang on your every word and do everything you say. you think you're the savior. you think the ONLY use for hcg is the only one that you already know about. it is the height of arrogance to believe that everyone else who doesn't listen to it and agree with it, is just ignorant, doesn't research and is just plain stupid.

I will not reopen any thread where you have responded to me!
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are any of you on this shot ???
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Can anyone tell me where I can get the hcg injections in the DFW area?
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you did not lose 30 lbs in 1 month..lol you can fool these folks..but not me..

oh and look what vibrate said !!
"they said that only medical professionals could get it, but they sent it to me anyway." ha ha ha who is dumb enough to believe this !! your a joke son
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I am on my 28th day of hcg injections and I have lost 27 pounds. By the time I finish I will be down to my goal weight of 107. I never would have believed this if I hadn't done it myself. Good luck on your next cycle.
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