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how does cheating affect HCG

I just started the shots today, however I am giving notice to my current employer....two weeks notice.  I am aware they will be taking me out on my last day.  What will happen if I cheat?  
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Basically, if you have too many fat grams on that day it will negate the hCG shot.

I would recommend that you don't do the injection that day.
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If I don't take the shot that day and start right back up the next day, will everything be right back on track?  Will it take a few days to get back on track?  I'm wondering if it's even worth it to cheat, but I don't want to have to explain to everyone why I don't want to eat out.  Any suggestions??
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I started the shots last Friday and lost 8 lbs by the end of my 6th day on the program.  I have not cheated but am travelling out of town tonight and am bringing my scale with me to keep weighing.  I am bringing with me my organic meats and vegetables to prepare while I'm away.  I have a dinner engagement tomorrow evening that I cannot get out of and am concerned about going off the meal plan for the evening.  In reading the Simeon's manuscript, please refer to the section FAULTY DIETING.  He explains a scenario here about your similar situation.  However, I did speak with my Medical Supervisor about the situation and she informed me to stay as close to the 500 c diet and eat smart (Start with a salad (no dressing) and eat about 1/3 of what's on your plate). Stay away from sugar and starches.  I will still be travelling over the weekend and plan to follow the protocol while I'm away.  I will let you know how I do with any changes in my weightloss after the weekend is over.
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P.S. I was informed by my Medical Professional not to stop the shots. But I am only concerned about the one meal and not a whole weekend of going off the plan.
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ok, thanks a lot for all of your posts.  I will stay on the shot and watch what I eat for that one meal.  I will definitely refer to the book.
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I'm thinking about do this but where do I get started?
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