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how to loss weight

im 25 yrs and hight is 5'x2" , now my weight is 75kg.. its really dificult and i know unhealthy.. i dont take much food . atually in my family evryone seem to be fat . so i want know whether it hapns becouse of inheritence , and how can i loss my weight ?
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most overweight patients are overweight due to several reasons, inheritance, excessive eating, slow metabolism, ect.

Although this could be from inheritance you can overcome that and still lose weight, most ppl will say that they have tried everything but the problem is they don't stick to it.
If you could eat healthy and workout at least 3-4 times a week; this could even be a low cardio work outs. You don't have to kill your self to be fit and lose weight.

I also don't mean starving yourself; this is not recommended in any diet unless you want to become sick and unhealthy.

small portions; fist size eight times a day. take out any fast food, junk food, and fried foods. You can add spices, peppers to your meals that taste just as good as the greasy and or breaded foods.

It's difficult to give you a workout plan as exercises have to be explained. but there are several low cardio exercises you can do and it won't kill you or take much of your time.

you can be 5'2 and still lose weight. you just have to be committed, and not give up. Also bouncing around from one diet plan to another is not the best thing for losing weight.
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