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lipo dissove

Has anyone had lipo dissolve? I had my first treatment on my inner thighs. The pain wasn't bad at all. It's the swelling and bruising that is bad. Does anyone have any advice on how to speed up the healing process? Also, when should I start to see results?
I am only scheduled to have three treatments. Is the first treatment to harden the cells and then the second and third are to break them down??
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I just had my first treatment of lipo dissolve done on my lower tummy on March 7th.  I agree with you that the injections weren't bad.  But the swelling and brusing afterwards was really bad from the 12-36 hours after.  Once 36 hours had passed, I was feeling much better.  I could actually start to move better.  Now, it is just a little sore in a few small areas.  Nothing to complain about.  I started to walk 30 minutes a day after 48 hours.  I think activitiy is really helped the treatment.  To answer one of your questions, the fat will start to breakdown within the weeks to come from your first treatment.  Please keep in touch on this forum with your success.  I hope we see the results we want.  By the way, where did you go and how much did it cost?  Here in Minneapolis, it's expensive $1900 for a 3 treatment package. Or $690 per treatment if purchased separately.  
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Hi there.  I am a week in after my first injections, and am finally a little more comforable.  I had my love handles done here in KC.  What I cannot believe is that I am paying this much money to let someone put me in this much pain.  I burned for the first 2 hours, and then it was just swollen and red.  But I was able to run 4 miles by Saturday (had shots on Tuesday) and felt OK.  Does anyone else obsess about the long-term consequences??  I guess that is pointless since I have already started the injections.  I am just trying to think of this as cosmetic surgery - like Botox.  Would love to chat with someone.  
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By the way - it IS pricy up there in MN.  I paid $2300 for 6 treatments here in KC.  
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I would love to chat to.  I am not telling any of my friends.  Just my husband knows.  I am also dieting while I go through this.  I shouldn't really say dieting.  I am eating healthier.  Such as whole grains, fruits, veggies, and lean cuts of meat - mostly chicken.  I am drinking a lot of water and trying to increase my fiber intake.  I think it is working.  I started to eat better about 3 weeks ago and I just weighed my self this morning.  I appear to have lost 6 lbs.  My pants feel looser and I am still swollen from lipo dissolve.  So, I think the combinatiopn of lipo dissolve and eating right is working.  I also walk 30 minutes a day.  I want to start weight training.  But I don't quite have the time to commit.  Perhaps I could start with weight training 1 day a week and work on increasing the days.
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I have my own story about how I feel Lipodissolve is a big fat rip off...  Long story short for right now, I have gained, not only inches, but pounds.  And "weight gain" violates the refund policy!  Hmmm....  Has anyone thought of pursuing legal action?  I'd definitely be on board.  By the way, I'm in NW Arkansas...  
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Sorry, I haven't checked in at all. It has been almost 1 month since my first treatment. I am happy so far, I think I can see a difference. I have my 2nd appointment next thursday. I am still a little sore, I think that may be to working out though. I had my treatment done at Midwest Medical Aesthetics, in Leawood, KS. For my 3 treatmetnts is was $900. I really like them there, I went to them for laser hair removal. They are honest and the prices are resonable. Has anyone had there 2nd treatment? What are your thoughts?
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