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Can anyone give me information about Advanced Lipodissolve in St. Louis.  Is it work the money?
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I believe that the lipodissolve center in St. Louis is connected to the center in Las Vegas NV. I went for my first treatment last Friday on my lower abdomen.I was contimplating getting mesotherapy but found out it only takes out wrinkles and lumps from the surface of the skin and doesn't last. I decided on Lipodissolve because it goes deeper into the actual fat cells layer and dissolves the fat forever. The nurses give you about 12 shots 6 on each side of your belly. The shots don't hurt at all. But for about 1.5 hours or so you feel a burning sensation where they did the injections. Its not that bad. Feels like when you put icy hot or mineral ice on a sensitive area of your body and it starts to burn, so you put a cold washcloth on the area to try to subdo the burning feeling, but instead the burn increases. Thats about how much it burns. Not unbarable like I've read from other people. If you have gone thru child birth or root canal or sprained or broken anything even a toe. All those things hurt way worse. The pain for me happened the next day, Saturday. It feels then like you worked out that area of your body way to hard. The muscles feel like that. And the skin just feels like a sunburn. Not Bad!!
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Has anyone had lipodissolve on their inner thighs?  How many injections are required for one treatment?  Are the injections painful or is it like the ***** you get from blood tests?

I am getting my thighs done in a few weeks time but am worried about the pain and swelling.
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I had my first treatment, to outer thighs, on Monday.  I did not feel it was painful, just a burning and the area felt hard and warm.  By Tuesday morning I felt very little.  I am also getting my lower abdomen and thighs on my next treatment.  If this works, it may be the greatest thing since peanut butter!!.
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I just had my first lipodissolve treatment on 10/9.  I had it to smooth out unevenness left by liposuction done a few years ago. Lower abs, sides, love handles, hips, inner thighs (just the very top) no idea how many injections.  Still pretty swollen, looks like I did before the liposuction.  The cost was $600 and after what I've been reading that sounds like a good deal.  Hope the swelling goes down fast, I feel like a big fat pig.  Dr. didn't mark areas or use numbing stuff on me so I am curious about other's experiences.  Did anyone get their areas marked before the injections or were they random in the general areas? She told me to massage and take Motrin.  I've been reading opposite instructions given to some people.  Also seems like St. Louis is the lipodissolve capital of the US.  I live in Staten Island, NY.  Also does anyone have any experience with mesotherapy for cellulite?
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I had my first Lipodissolve treatment 3 days ago. I went through the Advanced Lipodissolve Center. I am feeling like maybe I should have looked into this a little more before moving forward with it. I was given all the information they had, however, I feel maybe I should have consulted an outside physician before moving forward. I'm conscerned about longterm effects (any organ or tissue or other problems that may arise.) The "free consultation" was more like a high pressure sales ploy capped with "if you sign today you get 3 areas for the price of two." The procedure itself wasn't that bad. I did get a little light headed at the end, but it was okay. The nurse and medical assistant were very attentive and made me feel comfortable. The pain was pretty intense after, but like the others say, not the worst I've been through. I had swelling for 2 days and the bruising started day two, peaked this morning and now is subsiding. I am still tender and although they said I can workout 48 hours after, I don't feel it would be a good idea.  I got my lower abs started and will be getting inner thigh and lower buttocks, I am not looking forward to those areas. But I paid and I will lose my money if I don't continue. If you are considering it, do research before going into your consultation.
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I believe that Lipodissolve Center will let you change your mind after 1 treatment.  I thought that I read that they will give you a refund if you change your mind after teh initial shots.  

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