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Can anyone give me information about Advanced Lipodissolve in St. Louis.  Is it work the money?
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I believe that the lipodissolve center in St. Louis is connected to the center in Las Vegas NV. I went for my first treatment last Friday on my lower abdomen.I was contimplating getting mesotherapy but found out it only takes out wrinkles and lumps from the surface of the skin and doesn't last. I decided on Lipodissolve because it goes deeper into the actual fat cells layer and dissolves the fat forever. The nurses give you about 12 shots 6 on each side of your belly. The shots don't hurt at all. But for about 1.5 hours or so you feel a burning sensation where they did the injections. Its not that bad. Feels like when you put icy hot or mineral ice on a sensitive area of your body and it starts to burn, so you put a cold washcloth on the area to try to subdo the burning feeling, but instead the burn increases. Thats about how much it burns. Not unbarable like I've read from other people. If you have gone thru child birth or root canal or sprained or broken anything even a toe. All those things hurt way worse. The pain for me happened the next day, Saturday. It feels then like you worked out that area of your body way to hard. The muscles feel like that. And the skin just feels like a sunburn. Not Bad!!
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Has anyone had lipodissolve on their inner thighs?  How many injections are required for one treatment?  Are the injections painful or is it like the ***** you get from blood tests?

I am getting my thighs done in a few weeks time but am worried about the pain and swelling.
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I had my first treatment, to outer thighs, on Monday.  I did not feel it was painful, just a burning and the area felt hard and warm.  By Tuesday morning I felt very little.  I am also getting my lower abdomen and thighs on my next treatment.  If this works, it may be the greatest thing since peanut butter!!.
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I just had my first lipodissolve treatment on 10/9.  I had it to smooth out unevenness left by liposuction done a few years ago. Lower abs, sides, love handles, hips, inner thighs (just the very top) no idea how many injections.  Still pretty swollen, looks like I did before the liposuction.  The cost was $600 and after what I've been reading that sounds like a good deal.  Hope the swelling goes down fast, I feel like a big fat pig.  Dr. didn't mark areas or use numbing stuff on me so I am curious about other's experiences.  Did anyone get their areas marked before the injections or were they random in the general areas? She told me to massage and take Motrin.  I've been reading opposite instructions given to some people.  Also seems like St. Louis is the lipodissolve capital of the US.  I live in Staten Island, NY.  Also does anyone have any experience with mesotherapy for cellulite?
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I had my first Lipodissolve treatment 3 days ago. I went through the Advanced Lipodissolve Center. I am feeling like maybe I should have looked into this a little more before moving forward with it. I was given all the information they had, however, I feel maybe I should have consulted an outside physician before moving forward. I'm conscerned about longterm effects (any organ or tissue or other problems that may arise.) The "free consultation" was more like a high pressure sales ploy capped with "if you sign today you get 3 areas for the price of two." The procedure itself wasn't that bad. I did get a little light headed at the end, but it was okay. The nurse and medical assistant were very attentive and made me feel comfortable. The pain was pretty intense after, but like the others say, not the worst I've been through. I had swelling for 2 days and the bruising started day two, peaked this morning and now is subsiding. I am still tender and although they said I can workout 48 hours after, I don't feel it would be a good idea.  I got my lower abs started and will be getting inner thigh and lower buttocks, I am not looking forward to those areas. But I paid and I will lose my money if I don't continue. If you are considering it, do research before going into your consultation.
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I believe that Lipodissolve Center will let you change your mind after 1 treatment.  I thought that I read that they will give you a refund if you change your mind after teh initial shots.  

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I am a patient at Lipodissolve Center in Chesterfield.  I have been having the treatments to my upper and lower abdomen since the beginning of the summer.  I had my 7th treatment today.  I am very happy with what I have lost.  It's amazing.

Some things I have learned.  

1.  Yes, it does hurt a little, but it's worth it.  Take 2 Tylenol before you go.  

2.  As soon as you get home, wear a high girdle.  You can pick this up at Walmart, near the Lipodissolve center, for 12.00.  Get the HIGH WAISTED girdle with the clips on it.  I didn't wear this at first and the swelling was a lot more.  On Day 2 after wearing it, the pain and swelling was so much better - you can't believe the difference it makes.  

3.  Wait 3-4 weeks between treatments.  Most of the bumps will be gone and you can see some results between treatments.  

4.  Get "Sarah" to give you the shots - she doesn't hurt and the bruising was minimal with her giving them to me.  I request her every time I go.

It's expensive, but worth the cost and I would do it again.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.  I'm happy to share my experience.

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Glad to here you are seeing results.  I have had 2 treatments on my lower abdomen and can't tell much difference.  I spaced those 2 weeks apart and the second wa very painful.  Do you think waiting 3-4 weeks is a better solution?  I am also getting outer thighs (3rd treatment) without much noticeable results, but I know it may take 6 treatments to see a change.  Please keep posting, I enjoy hearing from others.
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AFter 2 treatments I could see a little bit of results.  Just keep it up, you will see results soon.  Going 3-4 weeks between treatments really helped me - not only were the lumps gone - but, I got to see results in between treatments.  

Not sure about the thighs, haven't had that done.  I'd love to have the area under my neck done - but, don't think I'll do it.  I'd look like I had my wisdom teeth out again, lol.

I go for another treatment on Nov. 27th.  Good luck.  
If you go to LipoDissolve Center, I have some other info.  Please email me at CinSt.***@****

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I have had 3 treatments to my love handles and 2 to my abd area.  My 3rd treatment to the love handle area was yesterday.  I can definitely see results now---I agree that you should wait 3-4 weeks between treatments....let the swelling go way down, lumps start to dissolve, and it seems less painful than having the injections around or through the lumps.  The swelling and bruising is bad the 1st 2-3 days but then gets better.  I am not going back until after the 1st of the year (too many plans around the holidays---I don't want to deal with the swelling and wearing larger clothes to hide it.)  Good luck.
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I had lipodissolve on 10-13-06 and the pain that I still feel in my inner thighs is unbearable.
They burn to touch I have several knots and I cant even apply lotion without almost being in tears.

I have called the spa were I got the treatment they said it should be ok in a week or two  I have to soak at night time in a hot salt bath just to relax.

If there is anyone out there that has had this same kind of pain please let me know what can be done.

I cant even work out.
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I am thinking about having Lipo dissolve treatments done but I don't know where is a better place to go. I live in Neveda and I was wondering if any one could give me any recommendations on where is a better place to go. I want to have my lower abs, thighs and lower butt area done. Thank you
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I'm sorry you hurt so bad.  I think that you should proably not be taking hot baths.  I know it probably does relax you, but I am wondering if it contributing to your pain, maybe making you continue to have some swelling.  I did the same thing, I love hot baths.  I did notice that I felt more edema after a soak.  

Try to put some ice on your painful area's

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Hello I had my first shot almost 2 weeks ago man, i got to let you guys know it was pretty painfull but the worst is past, i have another app. on the 4/11 and i really would like to start seen results already, because the holiday is coming and i still look like i have a spare tire on my waist, so i will keep you guys informed of any changes, thanks.
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I work at the Gateway Aesthetic institute and Laser Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am also a patient there. I have had 2 treatments on my lower abdomen and love handles. Honestly even after only 2 treatments I have noticed a difference. With this procedure there is a commitment to be made, for the first 2 days after the treatment I was in pain (not unberable) but I did take off a week from the gym. I did however go straight back to work for the rest of the day and felt ok. So here is some things we recommended to our patients if they are having this procedure
1. Topical numbing cream and extra strengh tylenol 30 minutes before injections
2. We put all our patients under a red light for 5 to 10 minutes to break up the fat cells (no extra charge)
3. Buy a compression garment for at least 2 days after the procedure, it makes a huge difference.
4. Lots of  extra strength Tylenol not Ibuprofen, the inflammation process is necessary.
5. Remember to stay positive, you will have a good or great result.
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It's been over six weeks now and the pain is still unbearable.
I still have burning on my inner thighs and when its cold my legs feel like they are about to crack.

I have tried everything I cant pick up my children because I am afaid that they might touch my legs and the pain is too much at night I have to get out of bed and take a cold shower because my legs feel like they are on fire.

I am going back to the office that performed my treatment and I am also going to see an attorney.

I wish I would have never did this to myself I cant even work out because if my legs rub together the pain from them being so tender.

If there is anyone out there that has went throught this or has any ideas for me please give them to me. I am so disappointed over this.
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had my final lipodissolve evaluation on 11/20/06...I gained .25 inches in one
thigh, gained .75 inches on the other, and gained .25 inches on my
lower abs. Also, the skin on my legs have been discolored
(hyperpigmentation) for four months and they claim that will go away. I
seriously doubt it. As a result...I am NOT getting my $4000 refund.
They said they could see a little difference in the photos. So what do
my measurements mean? NOTHING. So the claim of Advanced Lipodissolve in
Chesterfield, MO offering a 100% guarantee is complete bullshit. My
suggestion to all, who are still in the process, is to document EVERY
SINGLE visit.
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I got my 3rd lower abdomen treatment and 4th outer thigh treatment 1 week ago.  I have to say that the abdoment treatment was very painful, enough so that I even took a Vivodan to relieve the pain.  I do fell that I was able to see sutle results before this treatment, but I am now swollen and bruised again.  When do they measure you again?  I scheduled my next treatment for 4 weeks, the day after
Christmas.  I am hoping this is not as painful to the abdomen as the last one was; I even wore the foundation for 3 days but was still in a lot of pain.  Anyone have an other suggestions?  I noticed one person posted that she actually gained in size and they would not refuned her money-I am worried about that!
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i'm thinking about have n lipodissolve but scared 2 death.  Not sure if i'm going 2 get a good result & permanent numbness/bruising.  Is this really a SAFE procedure? Does it HURT during the whole treatment?  please let me know if anyone else feels the same way.
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I have been thinking of LipoDissolve for 6 months now.  I am a grad student and just finished finals, so I want to go for it over my holiday break.  I have shopped around in KC looking at prices, etc.  I will definitely have to do payment plans with my low income b/c of FT school!

My concern is.. is it really going to work?  I have read hours worth of postings.  No one talks about loving it or having wonderful results!  They say they have seen some improvements, but nothing that seems noteworthy..  

There is also a lot of talk about "hard spots", etc.  Can someone respond that has done the procedure and is happy with the results?!

(FYI: I have probably 15 excess pounds in my belly.  I also have large large breasts, but my legs and butt are fine.. I carry all my weight in the front..)  Thanks!
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as I said on another post IM going to have it done on my abs on tuesday .... wish me luck.....
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It's been 3 weeks since  had my last treatment on lower abs and although I have little discomfort, I have many hard areas.  My next treatment is Dec. 26th, but I am thinking of moving it ahead for 2 weeks until the hard areas are smaller.  The last time I waited only 4 weeks and the treatment was very painful.  Anyone else have this problem and have advice for me?
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here is some good info on lipodissolve:
1) Does it really work?  The answer: probably. We have seen some good results, but only on appropriate candidates. Those who are truly overweight (BMI >20) don't seem to have impressive results. It is meant for small areas of fat that won't go away with exercising. Please note that there are NO LONG term studies. It does appear to be safe.
Having said that-- there are a lot of people who are having their money taken by some unscrupulous people. First of all, if you would like to have it done, see A DOCTOR. Not a nurse, not a nurse practitioner. A DOCTOR. It may seem like the injections are no big deal, but what if you have an allergic reaction on the spot? Will that person be trained to take care of it? I do know personally that many of these places do not have a medical doctor in the office when this is done. What if there is a complication? A skin infection? These things can and do happen. It's your body-- but I know that if I were to get this done, I would want those questions answered.
Secondly, NEVER sign up for a "package." It is not very clear in the medical literature how many injections each person may need, or in fact if they will respond to the treatment. Why would you pay ahead of time if you are not sure if the treatment is going to work?
The other thing is that if it is a high pressure sales tactic- run- don't walk away. A medical procedure should NEVER be like that. You are an educated person. Read as much as you can, discuss the risks and benefits with your doctor, and then proceed when you feel comfortable. We see patients, discuss a procedure with them, show them pictures, and talk at length about the expectations and possible complications. That is how medical care should be.
Lastly, some of these places are owned by groups of investors, they are not true medical practices. Will they be there to take care of you in the future?? Just some food for thought.
If you have any other questions, feel free to post. I am very busy but I saw this stuff posted, and it drives me crazy to think about how much bad information is out there.
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You hit the nail on the head.  I was foolish enough to fall for the package deal.  What I have to show for it is $8,000 less in my bank account, and a medical record that makes me look like drug seeker.

I experienced reactions of pruritis and viseral epigatric pain, and (this is hard to talk about) an odd odor to my urine. When I talked to those professionals who are specially trained to administer the injections about my signs and symptoms, not once did they say - "Hey - you need to stop these treatments and consult your physician."  Instead, stress and Tylenol were suggested as the culprits to my reactions.  The odd urine odor?  "That is normal - it is a sign that the treaments are working". The pruritis occurred within a week after the injections, I would try benadryl and colloidal soak, with some relief, but ended up going to my doctor only to recieve prednisone.

I also noticed that after every treatment - I would have extreme indigestion, very, very painful epigastric/substernal pain usually within 6 hours.  On the last treatment, the "professional" thought that maybe the Tylenol was hurting my stomach, so she wrote me a Rx for Tramadol HCL, but I did not take it.  That night I ended up in the ED at the local hospital - I felt like I was having a heart attack - the pain was horrible.  The ED nurse started an IV - gave me morphine, my pain level went from a 10 to a 15, and I spent the night on a telementry unit to rule out cardiac problems which were negative.  

I have since had an EGD, and a colonoscopy, pH study (was negative for GERD) and manometry study (Negative).  My digestive organs are inflammed from my lower esophagus to my duodenum.  Biopsies are negative of food allergies and H. pylori.  My doctor said "no more treatments for you".  They still haven't decided why such pain, maybe esophageal spasms or acute pancreatitis.  (I do not drink alcohol at all).  

By not taking the Tylenol that day of my last treatment, ruled out Tylenol as the possible culprit of my gastric pain.  I am convinced that I was having a reaction to the injections and somehow it affected my GI system.  They (Fig.) say that the fat breaks down and is excreted by the body.  How is it excreted?  Where is it metablozied?  Bile acids (the deeoxycholate) are used along with the enzyme that is injected - could that cause a problem with the liver or pancreas?  This last treatment and subsequent hospital visit ocurred in March - and I have ceased treatments, thus I have had no more pruritis or epigastric pain.

I am not expecting you to answer my questions, these are questions I am trying to answer myself and research.  I hope others who might read this think twice before they plunk out thousands to what they might think is the magic key to shedding excess blubber.  I am now doing it the old-fashioned way.  Weight Watchers and excercise.

The "guarantee" that Advanced Lipodissolve (AKA: Fig.) offered - is what sold me.  How could I go wrong if it is guaranteed?  Hind sight is 20/20.  The only guarantee is... there is no guarantee.  They tell you in that initial 'high-pressure sales pitch' that it is guaranteed - but that conversation goes no further.  This is a high-pressure - commission-based enterprise.

Another odditiy:  I never once met a physician within the Overland Park facility that I went to.  I requested a visit, but the NP told me that he is "only there about once every two weeks, and you would have to schedule months in advance".

I have requested a refund, and I am told by the contact at Fig. that is has been submitted to the "board" for a decision as to "what, if any refund will be made".  I asked if I could be in on the conversation when they make that decision - she said "no".

Since my last treatment - they have changed their name to Fig.  I don't know if they (Fig.) uses that "money-back guarantee" enticement or not.  If so - get it in writing!!!!  Better yet - don't go at all!  I would put this operation in the SCAM category.  Oh! - another biggie -  IT"S NOT FDA APPROVED!!!  They don't tell you that!  

Go join a gym, or buy a bike.  You will get better bang for your buck.   I enjoy listening to the birds sing, and enjoy the beauty of nature on my walks, and I am seeing the positve results from my exercise!  The best part is?  It is FREE!!!

If anyone else has had any experiences like mine - or has insight as to what happens once this miracle enzyme is injected into the body as far as the body ridding the by-product, I would love to hear from you.  I hope that some of you learn from my very expensive mistake.  
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