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Still looking for more response on lipodisslove? I am looking to do this on the inner & outer thighs, Any results good or bad/ comments?
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I had it done on my abdomen and inner thighs in Bonne Terre, MO. The doctor there is offering an introdutory special at $750. per zone. I've had good results with the abs, but cannot say too much yet about inner thighs; i've only had one set of injection there so far. I have heard from others at his office (Bonne Terre Medical Associates) who have had thighs done and they have lost up to 1 inch after 2 treatments. So, I am excited.
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from what i know its absolute rubbish, and i believe the makers/practicioners are liable to prosecution in the UK for fraudulant claims.
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I am trying to find out if Lipodissolve is helpful for someone like me who is very overweight (75 lbs overweight). I know it won't do everything but anything to decrease the fat will make it easier for me to excercise. Thanks for the feedback.
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I have completed the treatments and it does not work, I am out $6000. no results, but a lesson well learned. There are no quick fixes.
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I went for an appointment about Lipodisolve and my doc told me that it is for people who are fit and and have that one place that just wont budge. I have started B12 shots and Phen we will see!
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Hi, I suppose it lipo works different for some ppl, but I GAINED inches on lipodissolve! I have a few friends who also gained also! It's a waste of money and time. You are swollen for at least a month and can't wear your normal clothes. I actually feel worse and I paid to get bigger!!
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