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my update!

Hello everyone.  It's been a week since I started my B12 and Phentermine.  I've lost 7 pounds in a week.  I'm so happy and looking forward to next week.  I had managed to lose 22 pounds by myself before I began this program.  So my total loss is 29 pounds since January. :)  My goal is to lose 80 pounds.  I hope everyone is having as much luck as me.  What a good feeling!  
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way to go !!! Thats great! Keep up the good work and keep us posted! Im 35 pounds down with 80 more to go.
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Hey girl.....just a quick note to see how you're doing.  Sounds like everything is going great with the loss. I've been too busy to check in,  but found a minute today to see if you're still posting.

I'm trying not to get discouraged while I' work on my liver.  Still unhappy about having to stop my shots. It seems I don't adhere as strictly to the diet when I'm not taking them.  All in all, tho, no more weight loss since I last posted....but no weight gain either.  Thank goodness for that!
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Great to hear from you! I still hope that eventually you can go see Dr C. I KNOW he can help you and I love that hes a medical Dr. He found a hernia in my tummy yesterday! but we will deal with that later...lol.. I wish you luck and keep me posted!
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Sorry to hear about the hernia.  Hope all goes well with that.  Your doc seems really great.  I was initially turned off by the docs since I was paying so much money and never even saw the doc here in Charlotte/Huntersville. There was a parage of people and the sound of cha-ching was deafening....lol.  He also just gave one 35 iu shot. Although I eventually got him up to two, it didn't help w/o the lipo and B12 you're getting. The PA's never suggested he see me even when I wasn't losing. Although the trip to your doc will take  30 -40 minutes instead of 8-10, I still plan on seeing him when I can.  I can't believe he even found your problem.  Now, that's a caring doc. I'm looking forward to it.
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What happens when you go there: 1st the nurse weighs you then takes your BP and measurements and checks your pulse. Then Dr C comes in sits down and asks about how things are going and listens to your heart and back. Then he tells you what he plans to do as far as shots go this week and goes over what may be helping or hurting you diet wise. Then the nurse comes back in and gives the shots and then he and I joke and pick with each other for about 10 minutes and thats it until the next saturday. He would NOT let you have anything treatment without seeing him, I dont care how busy he is. Hes a great Dr as far as Im concerned. I like that I can ask him about other problems Im having and hes helpful. Keep me posted. And Im sure I told you he is VERY reasonably priced, if you havent already call him and they will tell you what it costs. See ya girl!!
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I am  so proud of you!
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Hello everyone.  Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm really glad that I can talk to someone about this.  I think my husband gets tired of hearing about it on a daily basis.  Although he is happy and excited that I've really taken charge.  I have a doctors appointment on Friday.  I will post my results again and will be looking forward to seeing everyone elses.  Take care and God Bless!
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