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need help

im really trying to lose weight ive been taking all kinds of weight loss pills.some work or they just bring back the pounds please tell me besides working out and eating less can i do to lose the weight and see results.
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You know the old joke "I'd do anything to be thin except diet and exercise"?  It's funny, but that seems to be the way most people approach weight loss...and anything other than changing your eating habits and volumes, in combination with a regular exercise routine, is destined to fail.  There may be weight loss in the short term, but you will inevitably gain it back, and usually more.  

The gentleman above is correct - it you want serious, long term weight loss and good health, you must change what/how much you eat, and exercise.  
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HI libre32, Perhaps looking at what you eat may be more important than how much to start with.  My experience with diet pills and all the other wonder things and even weight watchers is that I do loose some weight but I have always gained it back, and usually much quicker than ti was to lose it.

In December I stopped eating all fast foods, stopped eating all processed foods, (microwavable dinners etc)  cut back on sugar, and started to eat more sensibly. With those changes alone I did lose weight slowly but consitantly.  

I went on the "Blood Type"  diet (Google it ) and this was huge for me.  I found that on this diet my body is no longer craving bread or sweets and I am never hungry,

I really feel that no matter what, if you want to lose weight and keep it off then you have to make a life style change and stick to it. This particular diet for me has worked very well. I was also on the HCG diet for month and was very helpful. both work well if you stick to it.  Hard to say I know, but when you see the results you are motivated to keep with it.

There really is no magic way to lose weight without having to work for it (if you want to keep it off and lose the weight in a healthy way) I have lost 42 pounds in 6 1/2 months on the above described plan.

What sort of food do you eat now?  What is a typical day?


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