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need proof

so has anyone taken diet pills or whatever and lost weight, and kept it off? everything i have read or heard says you will gain it back plus some. it proves to be a temporary fix to a long term situation. if they worked so well why isnt everyone getting thin and staying thin? i know people that took phen and lost weight but put it back on. you cant stay on these drugs long term. and if you dont fix the other problems that go with weight problems how can you expect it to stay off? have considered taking them myself but im afraid of gaining it back. how many of you have been trying for long periods and without success? these are the stories that will give me hope or give me the realization that the ONLY way is to eat healthy and exercise (ya i know easier said than done!)
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I also would like to hear of the success stories, but I`m thinking if this could at least get me started in my weight loss it would be a motivating factor for me .  I think I could at least work to maintain myself at a lesser weight. (at least that`s what I would like. It certainly is easy to say...)
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The best and only way to take off the weight is to follow a diet that you can live with and to excercise more. I have been heavy for most of my life and I have finally taken control of my bad eating habits. I have joined an online weight loss club called the BIGGEST LOSER CLUB and I have found that it is really working for me. I have been able to chat with other people trying to lose weight also. The program maps out your daily meals and even your grocery list. It chatrs your weight and you can even keep a journal of your day to day activites. It also gives you and outline of what excersise you should follow to maximize your weight loss. I think it is really worth it. I know for me it is. I have lost 12 pound so far and I have been signed up since October 17, 2006. Well good luck in whatever desicion you make.
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and seeing as the 3 who answered me say no there is my answer. i thank you for giving me the time of day lol. we all know that is the answer. its just that i would be soooo disappointed if i took some pills, lost 30 pounds, stopped the pills and gained 45!!! god that would suck more than staying where i am. ill still open to hear stories!!!!
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well if your still checking for more answers, I just want you to know I have a modified version. I believe 100% that the only true answer is a good diet and exercise. But if it was that simple everyone would have the body they want, right? I have tried to lose weight my whole life to no avail and now that I am on Bontril and hcg/B12 shots I finally am. Always before I would get discouraged when I would have little to no results and give up and go back to unhealthy habits. But now I have broken that cycle and will maintain healthy eating habits for life. I could not have done that without the meds.

What I am trying to say is that the program boosts your results, gives you motivation to help you stick with it, etc. It certainly cannot do it alone; you HAVE to do the work and you have to stick with healthy habits after you get off the meds or you certainly will gain the weight back, but for some people like myself who simply cannot do it with diet and exercise alone, the meds are heaven sent!

When I was first starting this I found a website about hcg that I cannot seem to find again that had page after page of testimonials. There were tons of people that had kept the weight off for  years , even twenty years! I'm sorry you just have to take my word for it if I could find the page again I would direct you to it but I promise I did read it!! I really don't know your situation, if you just have a little to lose maybe just a good diet is what you need. But I started out at 280, and that was just too overwhelming to take on by myself; I needed help! Today I'm at 246 and counting! I would recommend the program I'm on wholeheartedly to anyone, but you DO have to change your eating habits for life if you expect to maintain the weight loss. Good luck to you!
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thanks for your reply. i have a friend that did the b injections with something else. she changed her habits and now is 50 pounds lighter after 5 months. i know it can kick start but it seems so many on here use the meds alone. i understand the desperation of wanting to lose. i miss my size 12's. lol. i need to incorporate exercise into my daily routine but yet i havent done that. i am slowly changing my eating habits. i was at a happyish weight about a year or year and a half ago-pre marriage lol. we have both put a few on seeing as we love to cook. we are learning to incorporate healthier foods into our routines. what about the dissolvable b 12? my 50 pound weight loss friend used that as well.
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Hi Sailor,

A segment just played on the Today Show regarding weight loss products - they may have information about this online later on today that you can check into.  Here are a few things I learnt from it.

Over 1 billion dollars is spent per year on weight loss products but the general concesus is these "miracle" pills (and products like soaps) do NOT work and often cause more harm than good.  Many of the weight loss pills have dangerous side-effects such as water loss and can even increase blood pressure (to name but a few) and some have caused death.  Apparently, something to look out for is "Bitter Orange" which is present in some pills and is VERY dangerous and should be avoided at all costs; the FDA is currently in the process of trying to get this removed from products on the market!

Many products offer false claims because a law that was passed in 1994, allowing them to do so, and has not yet been modified.  Also, some products may have "evidence" to back up their product but the study was done on a very small population of people which skews the results and leads to false claims.

Finally, be "particularly" weary of any product that offers a "quick fix".  Lose 10 pounds in 10 days?  Sure its possible with a pill but you will be losing WATER weight, not fat, and this is very dangerous.  Many weight loss pills contain diuretic stimulants - just look at the amount of caffeine on the ingredients list which is often more than what you will find in caffeine pills!

The key to weight loss is to consume less calories than you use each day.  Exercise really helps and muscle will actually burn calories and increase your metabolism.  Cutting out fatty, refined, and processed foods and replacing these with heathly natural foods such as fruits/veggies is a good start.
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I too am on the b12/hcg and phentermine. I have to tell you that I am the most ANTI-PHARMACEUTICAL person I know. I do not believe that the big drug comapnies have anyones best interest in mind only what kind of profit they can make. I will ALWAYS go the natural route and try to fix whatever the problem is from the inside out, rather than bandaging it with parmaceutical drugs that may stop whatever symptom you have, but cause all kinds of other issues. However: I do believe that in some cases they can help, if there is no other option left and they are taken correctly and can be waened off of in a short period of time. I too have tried wholeheartedly since the birth of my children to lose weight. I really watched everything I put in my mouth, I exercised for 1 hour daily and nothing ever seemd to change much for me, maybe 5 pounds in 5 years. I had my thyroid tested, my hormones tested, and a full blood workup and physical. Nothing was wrong! Since doing the b12/HCG and phen I have lost 10 pounds in about 2 months. I am not starving, exercisng about 4 to 5 times a week very moderately and eating waht I like, just in very small portions. I am able to control my cravings (which definitely was my downfall) and I have the energy to keep up until it is time to go to sleep. I know 10 pounds in 2 months is not considerable, but it is realistic and it is working at whatever rate I lose.
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In Jan. of 2005 I found out I had diabetes. At that time the doctor put me on Metformin twice a day and adipex. During the course of that year I went from 276 pounds to 200 pounds. I would take the adipex for 3 months and then go off of it for 3-6 months. I also started taking it during the week and skipping the weekend. For excercise I started walking 30 min. per day for 4-5 days per week. I cut out sugar for the most part and started using Splenda. I changed to whole grains as much as possible. I kept the weight within 5 lbs until last Nov. and gained 15 lbs. I started taking the adipex again Jan. 2nd and went back to my healthy eating habits again. I am determined to lose those lbs again and not gain any more. The main problem with the adipex is it is less effective than the original time I took it. The first time it was wonderful it took the edge off of hunger and food was no longer my focus. It let me feel and live like a person who is not overweight. Now when I take it, it still works but not as effective. I have my first grandchild on the way and I am going to do what ever it takes to live a healthy life so I can be a part of my grand childs life. I hope this helps some people to make the decision on what to do with there weight loss adventure.
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