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se HCG injections for weight loss.

I have used HCG injections i nthe past with good results. I can no longer find it on line. Where can I buy it?
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This is a test...network difficulties
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Quite a long post...where to begin.

Like many others, I have tried numerous diets without success.  I have been on the hcg diet for about five weeks.  During this time, I have lost about 24 pounds, two sizes, and four inches off my hips.  I am sleeping for the first time in over TWO years.  I have more energy and I consume NO caffeine at all.  If I am starving my body I do not feel hungry.  You do not know that we are burning up muscle mass.  On the contrary, my doctor who is honorable, indicated that the hcg is burning stored body fat.  Yes, I most likely could lose weight on 500 calories daily, however, not without being quite hungry and a little bit cranky.

As a former state and federal government employee, you do not win any points with me by referencing the FDA or the FTC.  As far as I am concerned they are all in bed with the drug companies, whose goal it is to maintain people on expensive medications for the rest of their lives rather than really curing them and promoting wellness.  And from what I have heard, there are far fewer side effect with hcg than with most other prescribed medications.   Yes, some doctors are getting rich off hcg.  But it is the government that is making this very thing possible, not unlike prohibition, at a time when obesity is a national epidemic.

As far as sweating goes, our skin is the largest organ in the body.  Sweating is about trying to rid the body of toxins, infections, and chemicals.   As an example, our meat is full of chemicals such as antibotics, which in turn compromise our immune system.  For all of our wealth and medical knowledge, our nation is at the top of list when it comes to being unhealthy.

All I know is that I am happy, feel better about myself, am living a healthier life style, and I feel encouraged.  The worst I can expect is to lose a little money or regain my weight--which is no worse than before.  Clearly, I recognize that I must continue to eat in a more healthy way.  
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Hi Pooky,
I am in phase three of the HCG diet, and I gained two pounds, so now, I am supposed to do a steak day, but I do not know for how long? I messed up, and on the day that I gained the two pounds, I was supposed to do the steak day then, but instead, I dieted. This morning, I was horrified to STILL find that the two pounds were STILL THERE! Now, according to the protocol, I am in a bit of pickle since the book says I have to do several days of dieting. What does that mean? Several steak days?
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Hmmm...I am not in phase 3 yet, but here are my thoughts.

First, don't panic.  I understand the diet can be unforgiving, that if you deviate it can takes several days to get back on track.  So far I have not significantly deviated because frankly I am a cheapskate .  I would say to not give up, like those in recovery, just get back on the wagon.  What might be happening is some water retention.

This diet, and there is a website I am trying to remember (something about "personal destiny" talks about how important it is to refrain from starches and fats, and particularly starches and fats together, for three weeks after completing the diet.   I would say to simply get back on track and be patient.

I lost 19 pounds in the first 19 days and then only about 4 or 5 pounds in the next two weeks.  But I also lost (4) inches and nearly (4) sizes.  Muscle is heavier than fat, which might play a part.  I am not under the impression that one is supposed to go days on the steak protocol.  I tried this once when I was stuck--one week of Nexium might have played a part--and it got me jump-started again.

It is hard when you see a pound a day for awhile and then slow to a turtle's pace--but I think it is important to be patient.  To be honest it might be better to not lose weight so fast.  On the other hand, seeing quick results is a motivator for me, as long a I remember that I cannot go back to old ways.  And for me, I think I will need to keep carbs at a minimum.  I asked my dr to check me for celiac disease, and I am borderline.   So that even when I am all through with this diet and final phase, I will mostly eat organic meats and veggies when possible--carbs will be more of a treat.

This is the long answer, and probably not an answer.  Be patient, don't lose sight of your goal, and get back on track.  :)
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For people looking for HCG in Southwest Florida...

I just started a weight loss program that includes HCG, there is much more to the program than just that though....

Website: www.NewLifeMedicalWeightLoss.com
Locations: Naples & Fort Myers FL

Mods feel free to take down, I just saw a bunch of people asking where to go and just trying to help out.
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after  looking over these posts for a while...why is it..and please do not get mad...there has been  zero proof......you people said you lost weight...well..we dont know that,not 1 before&after..no proof..and do not give me the gov cover up.if this worked..it would be on every channel...report..& magazine..I simply ask for some real proof..not claims..thank you
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I can understand your skepticism.  I have not read Kevin's book, however, I have just completed about six weeks on HCG & I have lost about three sizes and four inches (25 lbs.)  People who fund research are those who stand to gain from the endeavor.  In this case, the only people who staned to gain are the patients/consumers.  Personally, I believe the gov and the drug companies are in bed w/ each other.  It is all about money, and the pharmaceutical companies have a lot of money to pay for lobbyists in Washington DC

Now why the gov does not want healthier, more productive citizens is a  mystery to me.  And the side effects of HCG are negligible, if any.   I  have pituitary disease.  After six weeks on this medication, I have been able to sleep soundly through the night unlike the past two years.  I wake up feeling refreshed.  I have been "regular" in other ways as well.  They say that many, if not most diseases, begin in the colin.  Additionally my stomach aches and head aches have diminished.

If you surf, you will find a website by Good Housekeeping.  They have a list of 15 foods that "burn more calories than they contain."  On that list are many of the foods listed on Kevin's diet--apples, strawberries, beef, tomatoes--to name a few.

Perhaps the only proof you will find is anecdotal, based on people's experiences.  What do you have to lose but a little bit of money?  If this approach works, and for many struggling people this is the first time, that is  fine.  The foods on his list are common sense as far eating sensibly.  The main difference is that one can eat 500 calories daily and not feel horribly hungry.  My doctor said the HCG allows us to burn stored fat instead of muscle for energy.  

During this six weeks I have consumed no fats, starches, sugar, or dairy.  It has set me on the path to develop more healthy eating habits, and jump starting this with significant weight loss over a short period of time was exactly the motivation I needed.

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HCG is working for me - here is the record of my journey and pictures - http://www.***********.com/mypage.asp?id=sandeemc

I have spent a lot of money to do this but I have confidence I am doing it in a healthy manner.  I have never felt so good and have never been so successful!   I tried Weight Watchers among many other programs, some healthy, some not so healthy.  WW works for some, but I found all the "allowed" processed foods did not work for me and only fueled my appetite.  The HCG Protocol works for me.  I'm the only proof I need that this is successful & healthy "FOR" me.

Peace & Blessings to you all on your journey.
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Ok, so I'm new to this Forum and I didn't realize you couldn't post web sites.  So google sandeemc and you will find my log and pictures.  Even though pictures aren't the best way to see changes in someone, you can tell I've changed since July 2008 and before.

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RE:  Phase 3 Ga

I've completed Phase 3 and while I gained 2 lbs above the last injection weight some days, I did not have to do a complete steak day.  I just made sure I had things like eggs, olive oil, no cheese, very limited, nuts and fruits but had a couple of apples.  This started the scales going down again...it would take 1-2 days.  It is very, very important to not have any starches or sugars in Phase 3 in order to properly re-set your metabolism.

After phase 3, if I did gain from white starches and sugars, I would go back to a phase 3 day, limited nuts & cheese and it would take 1-2 days to get my weight back down.  It was very easy to do for me.

I'm on R2-Phase 2, VLCD 36 and I've lost a total of 75.2 lbs since starting the HCG Protocol in July.

Good Luck!
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My doctor cautioned me to take hcg for only six weeks, and then stay off if for six weeks lest I develop an immunity to the hcg.   And yes, staying off starches and starchy vegetables during phase 3 is very important. Probably restricting fats is a good idea as well.  I begin phase 3 tomorrow.  Once I complete phase 3, my intention is to restrict sugar and carb consumption to the weekends, and even then not to go ballistic.  (During my six weeks on hcg I lost just about 30 lbs.)  I hope Sediqua is still hanging in there.

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I did wait 6 wks between the 1st and 2nd round of P2.  Each time I have to add 2 more weeks before I can do another round.  I will proabably have to do 2 more rounds of HCG before I lose all my excess weight.  This next time I will wait 8 wks, then after that round I will wait 10 wks before starting the last one.  I am going through a dr. supervised clinic & dr. issued Rx.  I can't wait to see my family doc's reaction when I finally weigh in December and I've lost over 75 lbs!!  He will be very surprised!!

My loss on R1 was about 30 lbs, and R2 will be about 30 lbs again.  Good Luck to you on Phase 3.  I start in about 6 days :)

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Thank you for your well wishes.  As I reflect back on my past eating habits, I really did consume more calories daily than I realized.  I have to remember I am not a kid any more, that I cannot eat mountains of pizza and mac & cheese like I used to.  Truth is, I would eat pasta 24/7 if I could.  And working until 8 pm & eating at 9, further reinforces the need to eat healthfully.

To that end I am committed.  I would really feel bad if I gained back all of my weight.  Today was my first day on phase 3, and I consumed about 1,000 calories of organic meats and fresh fruits/veggies.  Surprisingly, I have come to love apples as a snack--I just pretend in my mind that it is chocolate .  

If I receive the internatinal shipment of hcg I ordered, I will do another 3 or 6 week regime.  I really would like to drop another 20 pounds.  I have been going shopping "in the basement," where I have many smaller sizes of clothes from days gone by.  After 10 years they almost feel like new--I mean, jeans are jeans.   I am hesitant to buy smaller clothes because I do not yet know if I can keep off this weight.

Let me know how phase 3 works for you.
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Any doctors in the Gainesville, FL area that you know of that can work with me on this? I did it elsewhere (and LOVED it) but do not know of any doctors here.  Thanks....
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In 7 weeks I lost 30 pounds.  Since being off HCG and consuming only 1,000 calories daily (meats veggies fresh fruit) I have not lost one once.  Had it not been for HCG I would still be 30 pounds heavier.    I have since discovered that I have a condition known as Reverse T3, which means my brain is telling my thyroid not to make any T3, hence sig weight problems.   This condition is now being addressed.
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I am happy with my results, my Hcg is doctor suppervised and initally I dropped the weight. I am in the phase where I will do not injections for 6 weeks.   I will consult with the physician about oral sublinqual hcg. Their are physician available   compare  prices that is what I did. And a precsription was provided   I could purchase from the office or their are pharmacies that carry the product.  good luck to those.  Today will be my 3rd day off the injections.I have a plan I have follow.
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If you have a doctor who will write you a prescription for hcg it can be purchased from Canada at an incredibly inexpensive price.  I am not certain what the web site is, I want to say Canada Drug Pharmacy.
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Is there anyone out there who has been on this diet for long, or managed to keep all the weight off successfully? It seems everyone posting here is new to the program or going through it again. What are the long term affects and/or successes??
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I have low testosterone, adn I have been on a regimine of androgel. Besides increasing my T level to that of a normal man, I have gained about 30 pounds over the last year. Well long story short, my wife and I would love to have our 3rd child, but the gel has eliminated my sperm count, going off the gel will probably help the sperm count but it trashes my libido. Not much point in being fertile if I am divorced. Any way I have read that the HCG will help with T levels a small degree, but would it improve my sperm count if I continued with the gel, adn would I be likely to loose any weight. I need to lose about 90 pounds, at least 70 would be very helpful. I am about 6'1" and 290 right now, but I have a lot of muscle mass so I dont need to get under 200.
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I should also mention, I have spoken with my physician about HCG. He said he would do some research, and check with some endocrinologists. I havent heard back from him, so I am considering finding a new resource. My insurance will cover HCG because of my lab work results and other reasons for needing it. THe problem is in SW missouri, most dr's arent on the cutting edge.
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Ive also been to the weight loss clinic in LA!

TO: All on the West Coast

Ive been going to the SlimXpress weight loss clinic in LA.
But they have locations all over the west coast, in CA, OR and WA.
They have a doctor on staff who prescribes the HCG.
So anybody in these areas that are looking for a Dr. that does HCG, search google for SlimXpress.
Ive been keeping track of my weight loss, ive lost almost 23 pounds already.
You can check me out on jennylosingweight . blogspot . com
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I finished my first round and lost 17 lbs. How long before I go for my second round? I finished three weeks ago.
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There is an awesome clinic in Round Rock near Dell Diamond that offers Medical WEight loss programs. They have several and the physician there evaluates you to see what's the best program. They have the HCG diet program as well as a one using Phentermine and Lipotropic Injections. The staff is friendly and the doctor (a board certified doctor) is very approachable. They monitor you weekly. They essentially include everything in the price. a friend of mine was on the Fast Track program and lost over 20 pounds the first month. she didn't have any major problems. the first week was slightly tough due to the calorie restriction but they are very supportive. after that, she had no problems.  I had my free consult with the doctor already and will be starting the HCG program. the clinic is Legends Medical Clinic.  Their number is 512-733-6464 if anyone is interested.
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Hi there I am wondering if anyone knows of a Dr. who works with this HCG program in the Northern NY upstate area, or even in Canada??  I have a friend in NC who has had great results, and I would love to try it myself...

thanks for the help
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Hi  there,
I have an appointment with a Doctor in Coaldale Alberta Canada. I am going to the one that has  a great support system...There is also another Doctor at another clinic that does the hcg injections..I know 7 people from that town who have had great success with the program..One girl in particular lost 87 pounds in a short time and had know side effects..I asked he what kind of blood test that she had to have but she had forgotten...I was wondering if it was a Liver function test....Been on a roller coaster with high/low thyroid but have been of that med for 2 months now, so I hope I am healthy enough to do this....Love reading all your positive posts and hope to chat. Wish me luck.
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You can find the hcg drops online at hcgskinnyme.com. They are just as effective as the shots and work the same.
Donna Jean
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Where can I get the HCG shots in Baltimore area (MD) will drive 20-30 miles.  Desperate.  Please send address and info. Thank you.
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Do you know of a doctor in the Altus, Oklahoma area that administers hcg injections?  I would be willing to drive 30-40 miles if there isn't a doctor in Altus, Oklahoma.  I am wanting to try this because I have seen what the results can do.  I have tried everything else with no success.  I am having problems finding a doctor in my area that does the injections.  If anyone can help me find a doctor I would really appreciate it.  

Thank you!!
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I don't know how far you are from Oklahoma City or Tulsa, but I'm sure there are
clinics in either of those cities.  Look it up on line.  Why don't you just order the
injections and do it yourself?  Go to the hcg website and there are links to inter-
national pharmacies that will ship you 2 vials of 5000 units each for $149.  You
can get your needles locally, or order 50 of them with swabs and the mixing
water for about $30.  this is all you need!  No matter if you're squeemish about
shots, it's easier than you can imagine.  the needles are insulin type with a
very short needle the size of a human hair.  each morning you draw out the
proper amt. 150 to 200 units, swab a spot on your belly, sqeeze a hunk of
fat and pop it in.  I never thought I could do this and now I do it while getting
my coffee ready and talking on the phone....multitasking at its best!!!

There are lots of videos showing you how to do everything and the above
amount will take you through a 40-45 day cycle.  Just follow the protocol 500
calories each day (there are many easy recipies online too)  You'll become
very creative and save $$ on groceries at the same time.

I'm on my 3rd week and have given 13.5 lbs back to the Universe.  I'm in Dallas
and although there are many clinics here, it's VERY expensive.  All my research
tells me the sublingual and drops are slightly effective, but not as fast and easy
as the injections.  if i can help you with any questions, please don't hesitate.
Also, check blogs from Mamakadi on this forum....she's terrific and has been
a help to me.

Good luck!!

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Hi, I was wondering what the other town is that you said you knew 7 people went to?.. I was wondering because I am in Red Deer and would like to see a doctor for prescriptions and support/help.. Coaldale is about 4 hours away from me so I was looking for somewhere closer.. but if need be how often do you have to go in, and what is it like are you having any success? Any info would be greatly appreciated! and Thank you!
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i have hcg 10000 i.u hucog liquid, what dose of b water do i mix it with and what dose do i use per a day please help
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how do you get this HCG by perscription or what i really what to start using it for weight loss
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Everything is worth a second opinion. I dont moniton this I was reseaching because I heard of these shots too. But I am the type to reseach until my finger tips bleed to make sure I know all the side effects etc. Well this is what I found:


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All I can say is that I have lost 7.6 lbs. in 3 days and I feel perfectly fine.  I am 60 lbs. overweight, 34 yrs. old, and have literally tried every diet out there...I did weight watchers and lost 17 lbs. in 3 months, only to gain it all back and then some.  I take the drops under the tongue and I eat 500 calories a day and feel great.  I often have MORE energy in the evenings after work than I did before the HCG.  I know it is working for me because if not, I would be in the hospital...a 500 cal. a day intake would definitely bring anyone to their knees after 3 days.  I drink a gallon of water a day and I can't wait to wake up and get on the scale every morning.  I got my drops for $16 on amazon.com and they are legit.  I do believe that the doctor's, insurance and pharmaceutical compainies DO NOT want people using the HCG for weight loss and purposely make a point to discredit it....I mean, God forbid money be taken out of their pockets.  Sickening really.  I love HCG and am looking forward to getting my health and body back.  
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Hi I was skeptical about taking the hcg hormone as well.  I did tones of research before even trying it.  I started with lipoplex, which to me didn't give me much energy at all.  I am a nurse and work night shift and this could explain alot. After two weeks and returning to my doctor I had lost only 5 lbs with lipoplex, low carb diet about 1200 calories a day, and drinking water.  Well, after my two week check up he changed me to the hcg.  I tried it and it's now been three days.....Idk when it happened but when i checked the scale on day two it revealed 10 lbs.  :O.  I can say I am not hungry and I feel like i have lost alot of inches  too.  I have read a lot on this page and its good to hear what every one has to say.  It has been a great help.  I have loss weight and on days i have not been so good with the eating but most days I am.  Drink the water, eat the apples, stay away from bread.  Although, this alone has helped me in the past, it just seems now with the hcg i am less hungry, and i am seeing results alot quicker.  This isn't permanent, but its def a start! good luck to everyone
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It's snake oil.  The ultra low calorie diet IS NOT SAFE.  You are cannibalizing your own muscle tissue.

The low carb lifestyle is the way to go.  Going low carb forces your body to burn fat because "ready fuel" is not available.  Doing low carb, you have to eat sufficient calories to keep from going into starvation mode.  After flipping that switch, your body has a constant source of fuel for energy, so you don't get cravings, etc.  I'm usually not hungry AT ALL, but I know I need to keep the calories coming in to prevent my metabolism from shutting down.  If you don't need the fat/protein you're consuming, you get rid of it through waste.  If you're in starvation mode, your body is going to hang on to all calories, fat, carbs, whatever to stay alive.  NOT GOOD.  Go to your library and get "Living the Low Carb Life" by Jonny Bowden.  It's a really good book.  I balked at first (BIG time), but after having no luck with losing, I decided to try.  In TWO WEEKS, I've lost OVER 10 LBS !!!

Don't starve yourself.  You'll just gain it all back after you start adding calories.  Even if you only add 200 cals.  Your body is fighting to live right now.  No kidding.  I KNOW FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE.  I added back just a little.  Less than I normally consumed PRE-diet.  I regained my weight AND THEN SOME...  ON FEWER CALORIES THAN PRE-DIET !!!!  DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU !!!  YOU HAVE TO EAT !!!
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Sorry...  To clarify:  "Flipping that switch" meant going from burning ready fuel (carbs) to burning what's stored in your body already (fat).

Apologies for the confusion.
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Hey thanks for sharing the info guys about HCG injection for weight loss, it is very helpful... hcg drops
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Hello How are you I know you posted on here since July 2010. but just like to know how you did with hCG weight loss. I would also like to do it read KT's book "weight loss cure" but cant find a doctor to administer thee injections Im not sure of the stuff sold on the net but I've checked amazon
not sure which one to choose so many of them thanx pls get back ***@****
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I have been so tired hearing bad comments about HCG DIET PLAN and stuff. For all I know, this really works. I am sorry for those that it won't. I recently completed the maintenance phase of my 2nd round of the hcg diet. I lost about 40 lbs and feel like I have been given a 2nd chance in life. I now have learned to read labels, avoid certain chemicals and try to eat good clean healthy food I prepare at home. This has been a life changing experience
for the better. I am 40 years old and look and feel sexy.See? That is just what really matters. I am happy because I am getting results.
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I went to a forum yesterday run by a naturopath who had just completed 43 days on hCG,,,,she has gone down from 186 to 134.  I feel that I have a good understanding now of how it works,,,low calories and hcg burns stored body fat which actually feeds you so your body is not getting too low of calories.  She did feel that it was a good idea to have a mentor when doing this as you have someone to steer you straight if you find something is working well.  She said she had a few stalls along the way but found ways to kick start the weight loss again.   I am serious about trying this systems but as I have highbloodpressure, plaque in my carotid arteries and a blockage im my heart I need to do more research as to whether it is safe for me.  Has anyone heard much about the safety of this rogram?
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I am also willing to use HCG techniques to reduce my weight. I have heard that there are some side effects of HCG. Can anyone clarify on that?
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I am on the hcg diet too and seeing wonderful results. It was so refreshing to hear someone who has worked for the government to say what you did. If the FDA was so concerned about our health, cigarettes would be off the shelves. I was wondering how you are doing today since you went on this and if your opinion about the diet had changed at all. I would love to hear from you!
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the website quackwatch is a quack itself. They said a cancer product I used was quack and it took away my cancer when doctors failed. It's all a game by the pharmaceuticals to get us to spend money instead of using god given cures. Try it for yourself then come back and tell me it doesn't work. I am sure it's a lot safer than stomach bypass surgery where you stomach is as big as your thumb!
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Can you please tell me are you taking the real
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or are you taking the Homeopathic Chrionic Gonadotropin?
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I live in Canada, the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and would love to know wher you order your hCG injectable vials. Please reply in confidence to ***@****. I read Kevin Trudeau's book and understand the plan. I hope to get my physician on board to do the injections.
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Hi can you tell me who the best international pharmacies for HCG are. I tried some in the past but got ripped off. Any help at all would be great. THANK YOU! EffexorHead
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Does anyone know of a good pharmacy online to purchase Gonakor also known as HCG for injections? Looking for good product.
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in memphis, tx about 45 min from you. Go to wellness clinic there. carol ward is the PA or NPA and its 1645 N 18th St.  Im at work and dont have the card with me. 806-259-1058. its also a weekly class but I cant do that. I just use the nasal spray and its just as effective as the injections.
Good Luck
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