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side effects of lipo dissolve

I had lipo dissolve four days ago and still have ALOT of swelling and total numbness. (outer thighs)  Has any one else experienced numbness and swelling that doesn't seem to want to go away?
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I belive thats supposed to last in pain for the first few days then the swelling takes about 2 weeks along with numbness to go there is an old thread with advice from kylie46 which is usful  water and a good diet is also important please let me know your progress thankyou.
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I have been thinking of LipoDissolve for 6 months now.  I am a grad student and just finished finals, so I want to go for it over my holiday break.  I have shopped around in KC looking at prices, etc.  I will definitely have to do payment plans with my low income b/c of FT school!

My concern is.. is it really going to work?  I have read hours worth of postings.  No one talks about loving it!  They say they have seen some improvements..  

There is also a lot of talk about "hard spots", etc.  Can someone respond that has done the procedure and is happy with the results?!

(FYI: I have probably 15 excess pounds in my belly.  I also have large large breasts.)  Thanks!
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hi im going to get my abs done by the same doctor as bella 46 on tuesday !!!! you only need one session generally in australia please read old thread on lipodisolve ! wish me luck !!!
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I have had my second session and going in for my 3rd one next Wednesday.  I can actually see a difference.  I am doing my belly...5 kids...lots of fat there...lol.  I'm VERY tender in that area.  Also, has anyone been told to massage the nodlues in between sessions?

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hey, i had lipdissolve performed on my waist yesterday.  the injections were not very painful, they were little pricks. The only problem that i experienced was that i was standing up and it made me feel light headed but the doctor was excellent and he allowed me to take little breaks. Once it was over, i did have to rest for a little while (don't exactly know why they call it lunchtime lipo) because if i had to go back to work, i would have been in bad shape. As long as you rest for a few hours, u should be fine.  There is a little nauseousness involved and i did swell and bruise.  But this is the second day and the swelling is going down. Honestly the area feels like you got your ass kicked but i swear its really not bad. i have my next series in 4 wks and i do plan on going back!
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I had  my first session on Saturday 9/15/07. Not a bad experience. They gave me a protein br to eat b4 the proceedure. Having something to support your waist is very helpful afterwards, also massaging the area is very helpful. Redness is gone today, monday 09-17-06. Still swolen a bit, but it is well worth it. I have 2 more sessions. This is great. Girls, don't be such wimps. I would not hesitate to do this again. Looking forward to my next session.

Houston Tx.
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Had lipodisove done 3 days ago.  I was lightheaded right after the procedure.  I think due to being nervous and tense before it from not knowing what to expect.  It actually didn't hurt that much and on my third day I have almost no swelling or pain.  I do have a minor bruise and yellowish skin in the area that was treated.  Has anybody experienced the yellow skin before?
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Hi - I noticed you are also in Houston. Do you mind telling me which clinic and how much it is for the treatment. I plan to get it done this month. I have only been to one place and I think it is $350 for one area, not including the price for a few supplements they want you to take to speed up the weight loss. I met a patient in the waiting room while I was waiting for a friend and she dropped 2 pant sizes in one month after 1 treatment. Her stomach looked really flat - she said she was going to only do 1 more treatment and she would be happy.
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Have you found some one in houston yet
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No I havent found one yet, I have been so busy i havent had time to go myself to look and I havent heard back from macbeus about where she went. let me know if you find something and vice versa
I really want to do it but I am still a little skeptical about which doctor to go to and I really need one thats affordable
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My doctor is running a special that just started yesterday.  for Lipodissolve and I just started my first session.  This Doctor uses the pure ingredient no cocktails and its painless.  call them at 832 300-5593 and tell them Graciela sent you and she will give you the best treatment.  address is 11209 Bellaire Blvd. Ste. C-1 Houston, Texas 77072, inside HONG KONG CITY MALL the place is called MediSpa Institute
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I had lipo dissolve done on my love handles 01/07/08 by a doctor in Aurora, IL. Very nice lady. And yes, there was tolerable pain, bruising, and swelling. I had the procedure done about 7pm. I don't recall being nauseated or light-heated., but I took 2 tylenol before leaving the clinic, and the pain was gone by the next morning. I was still swolen and very sore in the treatment area, but was able to move about with no issues. I did where a fitted surgery garment for about a week to compress the swelling, and so that I wouldn't look deformed in my clothes. Most people go back for treatments within 2-3 weeks. My doctor recommends 6 - 8 weeks. She is an Indian, board certified doctor, and indicates that most doctors encourage 2-3 weeks, because the swelling hasn't totally went down, and it's an incentive to continue to charge you money. She also said that on average, most clients should only need 2, maybe 3 treatments as opposed to 4-6. I'm on my 3rd week, and have notice a big difference. The swelling and bruising have totally went away, but when I touch the area, I can tell that there is still some sensation there. I will go back for my 2nd and final treatment on 2/18/08. Good look to all of you....By the way, my treatments are $400/per treatment area.
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