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slight insight on HCG and those for it/against it

(I posted this as an answer to someone else, but I thought it was pretty good *smile* and wanted to make it a new posting, so maybe it will help those who are unsure). Think Thin!!!
I think if everyone stops, takes a deep breath, then re-reads the actual text of what hcg does, you will realize we are all wrong, and yet all correct. I will explain.... a moment of your time is all I need, and I appreciate you reading my post.

First of all, hcg (injections, subcutaneous) has been around for decades, and like many other pharmaceutical agents, it has many uses. Yes, its helpful for men in testicular issues, in women with infertility, and has been used in other ways like prevention or lowering painful menses in patients with Endometriosis.
There are many agents that have numerous uses, for example benadryll. Its used for allergies, sleep aids, colds...and on and on.

Now read my whole next sentence before you fly off at me...hcg will not make you lose weight. (hang on dieters, I am getting to it) It will release the nutrients and water from fat cells (adipose), a natural occurrence in pregnant women, but in doing so, it reduces the size of those fat cells. In conjunction with a vlcd,(very low calorie diet) exercise and drinking PLENTY of fluids (preferably 96 oz daily), you WILL lose weight. Because you are using your natural stored energy from the adipose, you do not need to eat as much food, but still burn off your regular daily calories. THIS is what makes you lose the weight. Its ALL in how you say it. If you want to be exactly and literal, hcg will not make you lose weight, but it IS a weight loss aid if used CORRECTLY.

Overall health will improve and you will lose inches, due to the adipose becoming smaller. Whether you are skinny or far, you have the same number of 'fat cells' or adipose, but when we eat in excessive amounts of calories, our bodies tend to store (genetically made to do this since the stone age) that excess into the adipose, thus increasing the size of the cell. So you dont "gain" fat cells, you just make your existing ones BIGGER.

SO if you say "hcg will not make you lose weight" - you are correct. It wont. You must do a low cal diet, and exercise to lose weight. HOWEVER, hcg WILL release nutrients stored in your adipose to allow you to stay on a vlcd, not feel hungry, and adequately give your body the energy, and nutrients it needs while you are slimming down.

While the FDA states hcg is not a weight loss product, they are correct. Its not. But you have to read on past the BIG BOLD scary statements and read what it DOES do, and how it can AID YOU in losing weight EFFECTIVELY.

That's the brass ring, the big banana the top hat winner of them all.

-That Girl over there
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why do you suppose the HCG keeps getting moe expensive
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Thank you, this is very interresting!
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sorry that should have been more expensive
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i think i might be for it !
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Well, it's working for me, and my best friend too.  She has lost 21 inches in 6 weeks.  Not water weight, actual inches.  We are under doctors care.
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very very good post..and well explained..you said..

"It will release the nutrients and water from fat cells (adipose), a natural occurrence in pregnant women, but in doing so, it reduces the size of those fat cells. In conjunction with a vlcd,"

well a VLCD with out HCG does the same thing..FACT.. its energy in..vs out..when you eat to lil for the body..the body will release fat from fat cells to mkae up for the defficit ..and to think your going to trick the body so simple..as well educated as you seem...you should know better...makeing your body think your pregant is not healthy...and you  did read this can cause probs with being pregnant later correct  ? and birft defects..and yes even at those amounts...so I aks you again....why inject urine to eat 500 cals and lose weight..when most people can not inject urine..and eat 800-1000 cals and lose weight..real weight..that will not come right back when HCG is stopped...this is just a 'trick' a 'shortcut' and in the end I will be 100% right..this is a fad and will not work long term..like with drugs that 'try' to tell your brain your not hungry...those are my fav !  and ALLI the new OTC  pill...lol junk...and if you will id like your reply to why not do it the way I said..vs HCG..it wa a pleasure to read your post...
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I'm not injecting urine, and i am eating all i want. again, i am under doctors care! my doc knows everyone is different and everyone needs different calorie intakes.  
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?? if your injecting HCG thats urine...if your not...not sure why your here..or replying..lol
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hcg is extracted from urine then purified.  If you were to put urine in your body, you would die from the toxins.
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HCG= pregant womens urine
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That's similar to what I've been saying, but HCG does play an invaluable role in this diet.  You can lose on a 500 cal diet w/out HCG but can you stay on that diet?  I've been on both diets: 500 Calorie 'with' HCG and 500 calorie 'without' HCG. (Read my post about that from 6/15).  Believe me - this is sooooooooo much easier to do this 500 Cal diet WITH HCG than it was without.  Without,  I was miserable, hungry constantly and couldn't stick with the diet.  I'm on my 12th day dieting with HCG this time, and it's a breeze. The weight is coming off and I feel great.

I've also fasted (on water only) for 14 days for medical reasons. 2 people at the clinic where I was, fasted for 40 days. What you said about your body getting the nutrients it needs from "stored fat" in your fat cells is why overweight people can fast for that long.  Fasting is actually easier than doing a 500 Calorie diet WITHOUT HCG.  When you are eating 'some foods' your body is craving more, except on HCG. When you are not eating at all, hunger pangs go totally away after 4-5 days.
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such insight!
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