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stomach pains after gastric bypass

I had gastric bypass surgery about 15 months ago.  Two weeks after surgery I had my gall bladder removed and spent a week in the hospital with dehydration and pancreatitis.  I have had that same stomach pain a couple other times since pancreatitis.  Last week as I live by myself I had to call an ambulance as the pain in stomach was so severe.  They did blood work and said my pancreais enzymes were elevated a little.  Gave me pain pills and sent me home.  I had a cat scan and endoscopy which did not show anything.  Pain radiates to the back.  What should I do?  
I live in a small area and do not like the doctor that did my surgery.  Also.  I weighed 248 lbs at time of surgery, and am still losing but not trying.  I am now at 117 lbs.  Any suggestions????????

Please help

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hi cari, my name is Steffany and i think that we are having similar problems.  i had my bypass back in 2004 and really had no problems until this past september. i woke up in the morning with the most excruicating and stabbing pain, the pain is located right in the center of my stomach, above my belly button, but below my chest.  it stabs right straight through to my back and down my lower back. i went through a colonoscopy, endoscopy, hida scan, ct scan and ultrasound. they told me it was my gall bladder and took it out, well, not even a month later, the pain came back, like it never left. i have lived on pain meds since then and have seen a gastroenterologist. i have not seen my original surgeon, basically because he is too far away. and in january they did another ct scan finding nothing, again.  now the other problem is i am almost 5 months pregnant, so i am limited as to what tests can be done on me. the dr. did put me on an anitbiotic xifaxin, and i have been on it for almost a week and feel no different. he really has no idea what it is. this pain has been over a week now. sometimes the pain will last for a couple of days and then go away, sometimes i wonder if it will ever go away.  but when i eat it makes the pain unbearable. does this sound like you? i have not found anyone who can give me answers, it would be nice to find out. let me know if this sounds like your symptoms. if you want, email me at ***@**** if this sounds like you. thanks for your time.

This is exactly the same as me but got bypass and fully deflated band but still get pain in stonach and back really bad going to see my surgeon on 4 dec 2015 hopfully he will do loads off tests x v
This is exactly the same as me but got bypass and fully deflated band but still get pain in stonach and back really bad going to see my surgeon on 4 dec 2015 hopfully he will do loads off tests x v
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I had gastric bypass back in 2007. I too have stomach pain that no doctor can figure out. I was hospitilized for two weeks with it. I had two CAT scans, an MRI, an endoscopy, and laproscopy. Nothing could be found. My gastric bypass doctor ruled it as stress and sent me to see a pysch doctor. He put me on Effexor. Well, that didn't work either. I still have the pain in my stomach. Its been two years now. I take pain meds for it but there is nothing else anyone seems to know about the pain. My current doctor has taken me off the Effexor because he said I didn't need it. That my pain is real but its pretty much a mystery. Its not a constant pain, it comes and goes. It is right under my chest bone, at the top of my stomach. I have no gall bladder, it was removed in 2004. I no longer see my gastric bypass doctor either because I feel he didn't believe me about my pain. Any ideas, please let me know

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I had gastric bypass in 1998 and have been in severe pain ever since.  I've been to so many doctors in 3 different states that I don't think there's any docs left.  Most of the time the doc will see me once, decide I'm to complicated and won't see me again.  My pain is under my left rib, and goes straight thru to my lower back on left side.  I've been scoped both ways, re-opened,MRI, CT Scans, ultrasounds, etc., and nothing ever shows up.  My blood work always comes back with severely elevated white blood cell count, but all they do is give me pain meds in IV, nausea meds, and a liquid bag, then send me home.  If I eat when it's hurting it gets so bad that I'm completely disfunctional, I've even passed out many times over the years.  I've lost all hope of getting better. My pain doc has had me on Fentanyl 100mcg patches (highest dose made), and they no longer work, I also get norco 10mg every month as well, along with bentyl, phenergan, naproxen, etc.  Nothing works anymore. The doc now is fighting my insurance to pay for a pain pump. I don't want to live with it forever, but I'm out of options.  If anyone has any ideas PLEASE HELP!!!!  I can't hardly even take care of my kids. I had my tubes tied because the pain sent me into pre-term labor with all 3. My last one was only 4lbs, so I tied my tubes.  PLEASE HELP ME!!!  I'm so depressed!!!!
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I am starting to feel like I made a mistake getting this surgery.  I had my surgery in May of 2009 and I have already  lost almost 90 pounds.  I am only 20 pounds from my goal weight.  Every thing was going great until 2 weeks ago when I doubled over in pain, the same pain everyone else has described.  Excruciating, stabbing pain above my belly button and below my ribs.  I just spent 9 days in the hospital and they removed my gall bladder.  I had every test known to man.  I woke up this evening with the same exact pain I was having before they took my gall bladder. I am so weak and every time I stand up I almost pass out. The pain meds are not relieving the pain.  I lost 15 pounds over the two weeks.  Does anyone have any advice.  I am desperate.
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I was just told by an ER doc that since I still have my gall bladder, after my gastric bypass in 98', I should have a HIDA scan to check and see how it's functioning.  All of the symptoms fit....stabbing pain, hurts worse when I eat, etc.  I'll let everyone know what happens after I get it.  I have to get it approved by insurance 1st, but I pray this is the answer I've been looking for all these years, it's been over 11 now.  I have nothing to lose if it doesn't work and everything to gain if it does......like having some semblance of a life.
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Many docs may not think it's your gall bladder since it's on your right side, but your pain is on the left, under your rib, gets worse with eating, and radiates to your back.  Even after you've told them you've had a gastric bypass they wouldn't think of it.  So if you're like me and had an intestinal bypass as well, your gall bladder, and other things, have been moved around.  My gall bladder is on the left.  Get a HIDA scan, and here's what gall bladder attack symptoms are.


Please note that if you are in severe pain and particularly if your attack symptoms are accompanied by fever DO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. The following symptoms are typical of a gallbladder attack.

    * Moderate to severe pain under the right side of the rib cage
    * Pain may radiate through to the back or to the right shoulder
    * Severe upper abdominal pain (biliary colic)
    * Nausea
    * Queasiness
    * Vomiting
    * Gas
    * Burping or belching
    * Attacks are often at night
    * Attacks often occur after overeating
    * Pain will often but not always follow a meal with fats or grease
    * Pain may be worse with deep inhalation
    * Attacks can last from 15 minutes to 15 hours
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