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thyroid rx given w/phentermine/b12 diet - dangerous?

I'm entering my 2nd week of a diet with b12 shots, high protein, low sugar/starch/salt. During the cleanse I lost 6 lbs (over 6 days). Received 1st b12 shot and 4 scrips: phentermine, diuretic, night time hunger and THYROID. I've never had a thyroid problem but the nurse practitioner who prescribed told me the thyroid pill would help lower my set point. When I filled the scrip I saw the warning clearly stated: this medication must not be used to treat obesity ... don't take in combination with diet medications... dangerous... etc. I asked my pharmacist about it and he told me it could be dangerous to my thyroid and possibly shut it down for life, requiring other medication. I'm not taking it, but should I?

Has anyone else been taking this combination with good results? Any advice?

For the record, I took my 1st phentermine yesterday but not the thyroid. Felt fine all day - was worried about the phentermine making me crazy or jittery or forget about food but it didn't. I think it worked great. I'd been warned that I'd have to force myself to eat but I got light headed and felt hunger enough to eat regularly throughout the day to keep my metabolism up. This was a positive experience.
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I've been taking the b12 shots and the phendimetrazine 35mg for 2 1/2 weeks, I went to the clinic yesterday and in addition to the b12 shot and phen I was given Thyroid pills 65mg, the nurse told me it was safe and I will only be on it for a month or so and the only side effects are losing weight.  Well I took it today with my other meds I feel no different but I started doing some research on Thyroid meds and every one I come across says not to take it for weight loss it's dangerous.  Is there anyone taking this same combination, if so please let me know how your doing on the meds...Thx
Don't do it.  It can shut down your thyroid.  I've been on thyroid meds for years due to low thyroid.  Your thyroid is a master gland in your body, controls and influences a number of functions in your body, if your thyroid isn't running right you could have a real mess on your hands.  Good thing you did some research and asked questions.  You saved yourself some potential problems.
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