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to many symptoms and problems

This is for a doctor. I am 50 yrs old, was on many anti anx meds drs thought anxiety now say fibromyaligia also going thru menopause gained 30 lbs within the past yr.  kept food diary only eat 1200-1400 cal a day. quit smoking almost 2 yrs ago 4th time each time gained exactly 40 lbs this time looks like 30.  i was told by a dr once that i had no metabolism.  i exersize and it is tough with the fibro i am very active with gardening and cleaning house.  i was wondering if i used the patch for quitting smoking if it would rev up my metabolism again or if there is a diet pill to increase met, i dont need for app sup. just get a met.  i am thinking of going back to smoking because i felt healthier when i smoked and was 30 lbs less.  i also work out on the wii for 30 min a day with out losing in fact i am gaining wt the only meds im taking is mirapex.  i was on topamax and still didnt lose any weight.  i am 5'1 and 140 lbs  pls help i am at the end of my rope and really dont want to smoke just to lose weight. i also sleep 2-4 hrs a night. thanks
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Im not a Dr. but have you had your Thyroid checked?  I started gaining weight when I was about 55. I was over 60 before my Dr checked the Thyroid.
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