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wanting to lose weight

I have been in Virginia for 3 years now and have gained 30 pounds in that timeframe.I am currently 225 and I am disgusted. I want to get back to size 12-14, not 16-18.My question is I want to try the Acai Alive and also the b-12 shots also the phentamine pills.Please advise!!
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my advise is that you should not take pill and any of stuff like that so that you can burn you pounds just like that ..... i just only give you advice that you eat reguraly like cerel in the morning when you waken up, at 10.00am take a fruit, 12.00pmtake launch this it have to be like chicken salad,at 4.00pm  take another fruit or 2 and then at 6.00 or 7.00 you take the last meal dont eat late its because if you do it goes directly to fat and of course you need to exircise too just only hal an hour walken a day it more them enough

from stephanie
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wow....like i havent tried that befor and failed...thanks for the advise though
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you want to take some pills or stuff like that i just recomand that you take pills from natural things

from stephanie and good luck!!!!!
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There is a reason that so many people try so many diets and can't keep the weight off. Have you ever heard of your hypothalamus? In a lot of people, this little part of the brain is off kilter and not functioning properly.  This little gland controls people's thirst, hunger, sleep, temperature, and has a part in fat storage/metabolizing. When it is not functioning properly, it can really mess up people's dieting attempts.
Here's the good news. hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) works to restore proper hypothalamus function. hCG is a hormone (has to be prescribed by a physician- can be prescribed by naturopathic physicians) that is injected once a day for six days with one day off for as many weeks as needed to lose as much as you need to get to your goal weight. It is used in conjuction with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) and can be used by women or men. There are very few side effects. Most of the side effects that I have heard of come from the body metabolizing the stored fat and the toxins that are stored there come out and people get headaches and stuff like that. There are a few cases of gout, but that can be handled by avoiding shellfish and taking supplements. (The doctor would be able to tell you better about that)
There has been some questions about using hcg for this purpose because the FDA says that it is not effective and everyone selling hcg for weight loss has to put up a disclaimer that it has not been shown to be effective.  I personally don't care that the FDA says it isn't effective, because they don't say homeopathy works either, and I have seen for myself that it does. The FDA does not ban hcg, it did not say that it wasn't safe, only that they don't think it works for weight loss.(It has been approved by the FDA for other medical purposes) I have seen it work in myself and other people I have met since doing the diet.

B-12 shots can be used in conjunction with the hcg diet and works pretty well to help get your energy up, especially on people who have become b-12 deficient. I don't know their effectiveness when used by themselves, I have never tried that before.

Please, please, please think twice before using phentermine. It is an amphetamine (legal SPEED in my opinion) and can be highly addictive and not solve the cause of your weight gain. There are also some pretty bad side effects other than addiction to watch out for, one of which is heart trouble that leads to DEATH! I know, they don't emphasize that death part, again, my personal opinion. But the heart trouble is true. ( I know, it doesn't kill everyone...but to me, one person is too many)

Good luck with your weight loss journey!
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There is also a good eating plan in which this works really well if you stick with it.

You should eat small portions eight times a day, This will help regulate your body. This will be difficult for the first week or so but once your body adjust to it, you can't go wrong.
By small portions I mean a cup worth. a fist full.

I find that baking is better than frying, when cooking chicken put cooking oil in a pan, skin the chicken add your spices and cook till finished. you can also boil your chicken, put on your seasoning and skillet for a few seconds.  
There are several tricks that can help you eat healthy and still lose weight.
when cooking pasta cook wheat pasta.
Another one steam your veggies.

Also you can do small arobic exercises for 30 mins a day and this will start you off pretty well and you don't have to over exceed and kill your self.

Also i don't recommend the just eatting fruits and yogurts, this will irrigulate your body.
Drink at least 8 glasses of water, this will help your metabolism.

Let me know if you want more suggestions.
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I agree that you shouldn't try a bunch of things in a short period.  You don't want to stress your body and hypothalmus.  It also shows that you may be a bit impatient.  Give something time to work.  I would ask if the cravings, even just after meals, for food are the main issue.  If so, It is my belief that you are not getting the nutrition, vitamins and minerals your body needs to curb the cravings and help your body into fat elimination mode (ketosis).

As mentioned in a response I gave to another the survial capsule I found gives the essential vitamins and minerals and curbs the hunger.  My self and my family are convinced.  Glad to share more if it is desired.

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