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wanting to loss weight

Hi everyone! Im really wanting to lose some weight atleast 30 pounds I would be very happy. I just have a poor eating habit and I dont really get to exercise much. Im going to start going bike riding when I get my bike fixed and going for walks nightly. Im just wondering if theirs any good diets that are fast, cheap and actally work? I have no idea how to eat healthy so thats a lot of my problem and my lack of exercise dont help witch im trying to fix. I dont really have any money so thats another problem. I see diet stuff all the time I just dont know how well they actally work, if their safe and their always pretty expensive. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
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Hi,  hmmm cheap weight loss without to much exercise. I would recommend skipping its great and u could do it only f a hour or two a day. Eat lots of fruit and veg,  cut bk on calories. If u feel like snacking. Hows about a banana or something healthy. Or there's lots of different diets u could try that are inexpensive like special k for instance. Or protein shakes - if u look up on eBay they gpt lots of great offers. Good luck to u and hope u succeed on losing weight :)
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Stay away from foods like pastry, bread (anything made of flour), sugar in any form (including sodas), foods that contain nitrates like salami and follow these tips to lose weight.
1. Drink lot of water
2. Your Intake must not contain more than 1700 calories per day.
3. Do 30-45 minutes of cardio 5 days a week (cardio is an exercise that keeps your heart double the normal rate eg if normal rate is 60 double is 120)
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