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weight and depression

I am 43 years old.  I have been suffering from depression (bipolar) for six years.  It was only in the past year that I finally got relief with Lamictal and Cymbalta.  I have tried probably over 20 different meds.  

In these years, I have gained 60 pounds.  I try to lose it and may lose 5 pounds but gain 10 back.  This is very frustrating and causes more depression.  I know that I am the one putting the food in my mouth, but with the stress and fatigue, I look to food for energy.  That is another thing, I am extremely tired all of time.  People say, "why don't you exercise?"
I am just so tired and they don't understand.  

A psychologist tried to help my husband understand by saying, "if the cure for depression was on the other side of the room, a fatigued, depressed person wouldn't have the energy to go get it".  It was such a perfect statement!

Anyway.  I want help losing weight.  Is medication the answer?
Is prescribing something like Ritalin helpful to get rid of the fatigue.

I need as many suggestions or people who are going thru this to reply.  

I am worried about my health.

Thank you
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Ok first of all you need to get outside and walk!!!
Breathe the fresh air and do not rely on meds.  My mother was
prescibed a plethera of crazy drugs, some that were even recalled, and NONE of them helped her.  Her depression is so deep, and her anxiety HIGH!!!  I would suggest, a PHYSICAL. SO that you may address your physical problems, those are what start the PSYCHOLOGICAL ones, and many of these drugs add to the problem, instead of the cure.  I feel for you, I am about 60 lbs overweight too, and I just cannot lose it.  But I do not like to discipline myself either, I give in to most of my desires, like cookies, cake, ice cream and BREAD!!!!  I think you could be happier if you just realize that this is only temporary, and if you want to change it you can-I lost weight once, 43 lbs. on weight watchers.  I am sure it had to do with the fact that I was 20.  Now I am in my mid 30's and after being married you pack on the weight again slowly.  I am heavier than my husband now and it is a problem.  I know how hard it is! I have really been up and down my whole life! It is a daily stuggle! Don't be depressed be happy that you have your family.  I lost my Dad this May and now my mother has been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  I have been hit hard, and turn to food, but know I will end up sick too if I do not take care of myself.
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You sound so much like me.

I know you are right about the walking, but just can't seem to do it.
I will try harder.

I have also lost my dad (10 years ago) and my mom has breast cancer and is dying.  It is going slow.  She is not good.

Thank you for you comments.  
I would love to talk to  you more via email.  If it is okay with you.
My email is ***@****

Put medhelp in the subject line so that I know it is you.

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