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weight loss and meds

My wife recently joined a weight watchers group at work with other women.  It is week 4 in the program and although she has been religious in following the plan her results have been less than most others.  She has been on Inderal for 20 years because of irregular heart beats and she has always claimed that she felt the Inderal slowed down her metabolism.  I am wondering if the Inderal could be effecting her results and why she is not having better luck with the weight loss program.  
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I also have taken Inderal (120 mg. per day) for over 20 years. (I have MVP). I have lost weight several times (15 to 40 lbs. each time) during this time period...and I am now 50.
Her keeping the weight on/slow metabolism is most likely due to something else.  But then again, we are all different, right?
Just encourage her to hang in there, make smart food choices, and keep excercising.
(If she really needs the Inderal, sne doesn't need to go off it, even if it IS the cause of slow metabolism!)
bless you
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I've been on Klonopin for heart flutters that were actually being caused from Gastritis, of all things.  Well, I also was found to have a huge Thyroid nodule and was Hypothyroid.. that is NOT a picnic for those wanting to lose weight!  I researched things and decided to go to a local wellness center and he gave me B12 shots for renewed energy while I was going through the Thyroid battle, and Lipotropics to help my liver get rid of all the junk in my body, along with the fat and carb breakdown.  It got kinda pricey (about $90 a week) for the shots, so I found a doctor online, prayed about it, and ended up ordering straight from him.  I started with the pill form, but then switched to the injections.  I am totally amazed at the weight I've lost.  It's one of those things where you want to shout it from the rooftops LOL.  I was sooooo sick of all the "snake oil" sellers out there that I was very cautious about ordering... that's why I prayed.  It turns out that Dr. Gates is an incredible man and has helped 100's if not 1,000's of people lose weight.  If your wife's interested, she can find him at MyDietSolutions.com.   They also have an online support group that is really wonderful.
God Bless!
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I'm DOWN another 1.8 POUNDS!!!  So far I've LOST 23.2 POUNDS!!
I really didn't think I could do this and wasn't sure about the B12/Lipo doing anything besides give me energy... omgosh!!!!!!  This is so cool!!!!
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Oh, WOW!!!!!
I've now LOST 25.6 POUNDS Total so far
an am still losing!!!  From a 41+ inch waist to a 35 as of this morning.
WOW!!!!  The B6/B12/Lipotropics from MyDietSolutions.com are AWESOME!!!!!!
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