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weight loss

before I had my oldest daughter in 1994, I was 135 and after I had her I went and got the depopevera shot so that I would not get pregnant, after getting the shot twice I gained 80 pds in 6 months. than in 1999 I had my last child and I quit smoking. now Im 330 and still strugling with my weight I've tried everything dieting,exercising and  some pills. Im scared of surgery. I need help this weight loss is hard. I do want desperately to loose this weight I already have high blood pressure and would not want anything else.
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Hi Anitac,

I was reading your comment and I agree 100% with you, that keeping a diet is a very difficult thing. But the things are not so desperate because you can find many useful information and weight loss tips on the internet. A good example is a website I found couple of days ago, www.aboutzonediet.org , from where I found out about a new diet I want to start.
Hope this information will be helpful for you. Keep in touch!
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thanks you guys I do appreciate your imputs. anita
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can anyone else give me some more advice on weight loss.
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go to www.glucofast.com and read up on this. Let me know what you think
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My heart goes out to you.  I was on Depo and gained 50 pounds in a little over a year, and then another baby on top of it.  I'm still carrying it.  I'm sure you've been reading everything on here, but I just started the B12 w/ Lipo-B. I've only lost 1.5 pounds since last Friday (4 days ago), but the energy I have is amazing!  Maybe you could check into that or something.  
I'm here to cheer you on!
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