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weight watchers

Ok i have been on weight watchers for a while,.  I stopped going to the meetings becuase I thought I would do it at home. and save some $$ as i could not afford that and curves.  I go up 2 pounds then down 2 pounds etc i seem to be on a plateua.  can anyone shed some light and maybe give me some pointers on how to get back on track.  
I have 25 more pounds to go to hit my target.  any help would be great


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i would like to add i am 5'2" and weigh 148.  i was at 195. so i have lost quite a bit but seem to be in a rutt
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Have you tried the WW's boards?  Some of the people are in the same place you are.
I have been on and off of WW's for the last few years.  I agree that it is a great program, but sometimes I get lazy and think "eh who needs to journal EVERYTHING?" or "I can keep up with my points in my head". Well it doesn't work that way with WW's.

have you been journaling? eating all of your points? exercising?
drinking all of your water?
if you are doing all of those things, there is no reason you shouldn't lose weight.
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I to am on weight watchers along with taking B12 and phendermine.  If you have questions about loosing weight and being in a "rutt" go to www.healthdiscovery.net it is a forum for those on weight watchers.  Alot of good information on everything from exercise to recipes.  Good luck to all of you.
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