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weight watchers

Has anyone done it and what were your results??

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I lost 35 pounds in 5 months. I loved it!
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Hi , I have done weight watcher's.I myself think its a great program.I have fallen away due to medical reason but my goal is getting back on track and I will be choosing weight watcher's again.What I love about weight watcher's is yu can still have a treat...Wishing you all the best..
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I have just started weight watchers this week. I have tried in the past w/o success because it is just too easy for me to cheat. I am trying really hard. I have about 25 pounds or so to lose.

I would love to hear what kinds of foods you are eating. I feel like I am starving sometimes.
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thanks for the responses, sorry I didnt get back til now! I am on weight watchers and have lost 22 pounds...

foods.. well i have learned that anything that has 100 calories is pretty much two points.. salads are great.. without all the stuff on them(you can dip the fork in the dressing and it equals about 1 point!).. I love pickles now! smart ones food is really good.. I limit my amount of high point foods because I like to eat more! Freezing  the "free cool whip" is 0 points and tastes like ice cream! I hope that helps the person that asked about food!
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Well i have made up my mind, I am heading back to WW...I will be starting next week , this site is great and offers so much support...smart ones food sounds great but I don't know if they sell them in canada..Another food is the ww bars,I mean, I love sweet so the bars help me, I just have to remember not to eat them all at once...Are you doing the points or the core?
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I do points.. I need structure!
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Yes, me too.I have never done the core but heard all good things.
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hello!  just joined and came to this page because I was thinking of joining ww again. I had lost 60+ lbs 3 yrs ago on core plan and loved it!  I gained all of my weight back :( since moving in with new boyfriend and adopting his eating habits and lazy lifestyle - boo!  so, i'm frustrated, but remember feeling good with the success I had with this program.
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