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where to find HCG online?

I want to find someplace I can order the HCG online.  I have spent alot of time doing searches and looked up old posts but have not found anything yet.  I need to loss 30 pounds.  I just started doing the B12 shots but havent noticed anything yet but I really want to try  the B12/Hcg combo.  Hope some can help me find where I can order HCG online.
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I was reading your comment about getting HGH on that site:
www.****.be, so I looked it up.  HGH is the human growth hormone and NOT THE SAME as HCG, which is for weight loss.  Anyone interested should read that.  There are places to order HCG online but how do you know the source and how it was made, handled, etc.  Ordering online you have to be pretty trusting to get needles and inject something you don't know where it's been or how clean was it.  Also, the product cannot get warm, such as during shipping.  I get it from the Doctor in Statesville, NC and they tell us to bring a cooler ot put the HCH in so it will keep.  This is just something to think about or consider.  Carefully check out anything you do.

CarolinaGal in Raleigh
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Oh I forgot to mention thats since January 28 of this year I also do b-12 Injections  ecah dat @.6 cc's
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On the site of www.****. when u click on pricing,scroll down to the second entry.That shows the HCG. As for ordering on line  I get my HGH each month and it is sent in dry ice.So the call is yours. Inflated pricing from the HCG  clinics and doctors or saving money and doing under a Doctors care. Although HGH is somewhat differant,While going to the hgh clinic it cost me about 400.00 a month. Now with online Doctors care It cost me Less than 200.00 a month.Oh and by the way,I'm down to 226 from 279 Do the math, I must work!!!!!!
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I googled that name and couldn't come up with anything. I have been calling like crazy all the clinics in the Illinois areas for Hcg but they only offer B-12. I would be ever so greatful, if you could send me the info through email @ ***@****
Thanks in advance.

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I'll send you the info... going out of town so it will probably be Tues or Wed before I get back it. It's at home and I'm at work. Talk to you soon.
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I would like to get the info too. ***@****
And if someone can tell me how many times you have to do that per week or any additional info please.

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