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Aging and heart disease

About me, as I said I am 54 years old. I went through a series of heart tests back in 2005, 2006 & 2007 for what ended up being a gallbladder issue which has been resolved. When I first saw a cardiologist at an ER in 2005 for some chest pain I was experiencing, I weighed 348 pounds, had a BP of 140/85 and my cholesterol was slightly elevated at 219. I went through thallium stress tests and echos all three years, all normal.

I started lifestyle changes in 2005 and started exercising daily and managed my diet. As of today, I am 260 pound so I have 70 more to go, but I have lost the weight slowly by exercising and watching what I put in my mouth. My BP has dropped to my current 90 day average of 111/67, to which my family doctor wants me to come off the ARB I take for hypertension. My resting heart rate has dropped from the mid 70's to the mid to upper 50's with very good tolerance for exercise. I cycle 12-15 miles per day (I have only missed 2 days since 1/1/2010) and I have peak runs up to 10-12 mets with a heart rate around 160 BPM at peak. My heart recovery rate is between 35 - 45 beats in the first minute from peak. Also, my cholesterol has been well controlled since my first round of testing in 2005 and has not exceeded 170 in total with an LDL between 58 and 80, currently 74 with normal HDL levels. My only bad number is my TGL's tend to run around 250 (down from 400).

Given this long winded introduction, a couple questions;

1. What else should I be doing to protect myself from developing CAD?

2. How concerning are the PVC's in my future?

3. Does my exercise tolerance indicate good cardiovascular health?

4. Are my resting heart rate and heart rate recovery numbers OK?

Again, thanks for your time,

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I think you are doing an amazing job!  It's really a testimonial to how lifestyle changes can reduce markers of cardiovascular risk.

Your exercise tolerance and heart rate numbers are good - they suggest a good level of fitness.

PVCs in the absence of structural heart disease are generally nothing to worry about.  There have been some studies that suggest a slightly increased risk of future heart issues if they occur during exercise, but this isn't anything that should change what you are doing.

As you continue to lose weight, your overall risk profile should continue to go down - great job!
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Thanks for the kind words, much of what I have done came from advice you gave me during my struggles on that other website. I really appreciate the time you and the other medical professionals have provided to myself and the many, many others you have helped.
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