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Healthy Living but Gaining Weight

Someone in my family lives a very healthy lifestyle. They get a lot of exercise as they work as a cleaner and are active about 6 hours a day every day of the week. They eat healthy and regularly, take vitamins and fish oils, plus eat lots of duts, seeds, fruits. However, they still are gaining weight.

Whenever they go to the doctor, the doctor says they can not be doing all these things otherwise they would be loosing weight and basically say they are lying.

Why are they still gaining wieght and what can they do to loose weight.

Thank you for any help,

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That's so frustrating!  One challenge people have when trying to eat right is that they can concentrate so much on what they are eating that they focus less on how much.  Portion control is key. Eating lots of healthy food unfortunately can result in weight gain in the long term.  I might suggest that your family member keep a very detailed food diary for a week or two, including portions, to get a better sense of quantity in addition to quality!

Best of luck!
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Just thought i'd also add that when they are not at work, they do a lot of stuff around the house.
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