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How to lose 20+ lbs quickly?

What can I do to lose 20+ lbs by August?
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Over twenty pounds in one month is probably too rapid a weight loss.  I think a person can lose as much as twenty pounds in 8 weeks, depending on their starting pound and their follow-through.  Here are some quick tips to get started:

1 - Weight yourself every day.
2 - Write down every single thing you eat or drink for the next two weeks.
3 - Drink 6 glasses of water a day.

Believe it or not, these simple things should get you losing five pounds in the next two weeks!

Check out www.theflexdiet.com to get some more thoughts!  Take care!
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I am on a weight loss program called Take Shape For Life and this program has allowed me to lose 20 pounds per month the last two months and 77 pounds over all.  It is healthy and rapid with Medifast Meals.  Check out this website www.midwestweightloss.tsfl.com  
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Run! Run every day for at least 20 minutes and drink lots of water. People think that drinking water would gain weight but the more water you drink the more weight your burn. And take pictures for your self, Take them when your naked, keep them in a box underyour bed or where ever they wont be found. Take a picture today when you start running and each week take a new picture, in one month look back and you will notice a small difference. It usually takes 3 months to see any signs but if you run everyday until you cant run anymore. Just dont give up.
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thats what I would like to know too...:-)
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HCG diet works wonders, I suggest the drops its easier than the shots.
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