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Need get 25lbs off by may11

I am trying to loose at lease 25lbs before I try to have another baby. I had my son whom did not live in Nov10 and I am still wearing maternity clothes. Also I have had a lot of lost in my life with my son and my grandfather passing away it is hard for me to get up and do what I need to do about my weight. Do you all have any suggestions?
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Hi, Shenda,
Sorry for your loses of family members that can be devistating, I pray you get through this time. Have you heard of the HCG diet? I wondered if anyone had responded to you in reference to this diet. I'm form St. Louis,MO and am currently trying to locate a board certified doctor to find out more about it, I saw your post and wondered if you had any luck inlosing the weight or if you had gotten the HCG diet injections.      
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Hi Shenda,
I am successfully following the DUKAN DIET (www.dukandiet.com)
I've lost 17 lbs in 4 weeks and I'm keep going.
It's not simple but it works and if you're really committed you'll reach your target.
(It also depend on your BMI) But trust me that it works to everybody.

Good Luck,
feel free to ask if you want!
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The main thing is to keep your heart rate up while you are exercising, be it cardio or lifting weights or floor exercises. I highly recommend going to your local hospital or community center to first see if there is a group that can support you during this journey. Then find a personal trainer (ask for referrals from those who have been through a similar experience).

A good trainer should test for your resting heart rate and from there determine your max heart rate.  It is at your max heart rate that you want to strive to do all of your exercises at (I would not try to exceed your max at this time or on your own.) As you improve your resting heart rate will change, so you want to monitor this with at least a monthly re-evaluation with your trainer.

By meeting with a support group and a trainer on a weekly bases you will start to feel better about yourself.

The secret is to get strong. I like the saying: Strong is the new skinny.

Best of luck to you Shenda, we are praying for you!
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I was successful in losing 24 pounds in 21 days Shenda and couldn't have felt better. If you are disciplined you will find it to be the most successful weight loss plan you have tried.  More importantly, I've been able to keep if off now for months.  There are tons of other people out there experiencing the same success in changing their health and wellness and making life style changes.  It helps to be on a very structured plan like this so  you can get all kinds of help from and theirs a huge community of people out there to help.  It was the most affordable plan that I've ever tried and I couldn't feel better by having lost inches and pounds. I understand how your loss of your family members can feel overwhelming and that is even more reason to take charge of your life and enjoy the results of these changes.  Check out www.dropfatnow.com if you want to find out more or just get back to right here at MedHelp.  Good luck
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