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Weight loss

Hello. I am currently 16 and weigh 300 pounds. I am extremely over weight. I started exercising about 2 weeks ago and have lost nearly 7 pounds. I want to lose about 70 pounds by the beginning of October. I want to get my life back on track before it is too late and I want to be able to play sports again at my school. Do you think this is an unrealistic goal? All I have simply been doing is cutting out some of what i eat, not drinking soda as much, walking about 20 minutes a day and lifting a 15 lb dumbbell in several different ways. Thanks for any help that you can provide!

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Sounds like you are making some good choices!  Increasing exercise, drinking less soda, etc. are great ways to go.

But I always remind people - it takes a while to gain weight, and...it can take a while to lose it.  Don't limit yourself with deadlines or strict goals that might be challenging to achieve.  You will likely lose quite a bit of weight early on, and then it will slow down a little.  Just don't get discouraged, try to avoid extreme changes in your diet - small changes work best.

Take care!
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Hi Darrin,
I have followed these simple steps and achieved my target of losing weight.
Do adopt them and you will get your ideal weight.
Drink plenty of water.
Avoid soda and tin juices, stick to water melon, grapefruit juice and fresh juices.
Increase fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet plan.
Break your meal in 5/6 small meals.
Avoid junk and fast food.
Take fat free dairy and skinless chicken.
Do start walk or any physical activity.
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Diet it working for me! Good luck. You are doing great. I lost 15lbs in thirty days I feel like shouting it to the world. Because I worked so hard to loss it and it feels great! Im doing it!
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Hello Darrin, I considered the Pronokal Program based on my experience that came to me in a time when I had totally resigned myself that I would remain overweight for the rest of my life. I had done a few diets in hopes of becoming thin. I had reached my goal once, lost
pounds many times, only to gain them back and then some. But beyond all of this, God surprises me within 4 weeks on the program, my cholesterol level had dropped nearly 70 points.  I can’t say enough about the Pronokal diet. It requires significant discpline but the
result are terrific. I can’t wait to experience more and more surprises in the days to come.

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Hi kissy 2 which website must i go?
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Hi kissy 2 which website must i go?
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Well done it's hard I know as I'm struggling to lose although I am feeling healthy can run on the treadmill up to 30 mins
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go to www.*********.com and buy the book (~10$/€/£)
It's not very easy at the beginning but it will work and it will work forever.

I've lost 18lbs in 5 weeks (see my tracker)

I am very motivated and I hope to reach my goal on time as I'm on track!

Feel free to contact me if you need any advise! :)
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